Wednesday, May 25, 2016


My husband is jealous of Alexander Skarsgard.  Yes, you read that right, my husband is jealous of Alexander Skarsgard the gorgeous actor of True Blood fame.

It started out small.  I was very late to the True Blood fandom.  In fact, I watched them all on Amazon Prime as the last season was beginning.  I love campy shows.  I love shows about vampires. I love hunky men. I love Louisiana culture. All of these factors together meant that I was undoubtedly going to be a True Blood fan.  This isn’t even mentioning the fact that I have a thing for tall northern European men. So the lust for Alexander Skarsgard was pretty much guaranteed when I first watched the show. 

Sure, I’d seen him around in other things like What Maisie Knew and other movies.  But it was absolutely True Blood, especially Season 4, which cemented my celebrity crush on this hunk of burning Scandinavian man.  It doesn’t hurt that he does things like raising awareness about the environment or that he doesn’t mind being naked on camera.  Many of my fantasies involving him have us drinking Akvavit after a fabulous meal and talking about all things intellectual.  (Please note: I actually have no idea if Alexander Skarsgard would be into this kind of conversation, but the made up guy in my head certainly does.) The things that I actually know about this famous man could barely fill a pamphlet.  The only things I know about him are very public knowledge.  I am not a super-fan looking up everything on the internet there is to know about him publicly available.  I am not stalking him.  I just have a celebrity crush. 

I wrote this little screenplay a few years ago about the top 5 celebrities list as featured on a Friendsepisode.  You know the one: the top 5 celebrities you would get a hall pass for if you ever had the chance to be with them.  Yes, it is silly.  Am I ever going to meet Alexander Skarsgard who has topped my list since my foray into True Blood fandom? Chances are VERY slim considering I live in Indiana and he is a world famous actor. Does he top my list? Absolutely!

Andy is jealous because of a few things.
1.      Last year at Listen To Your Mother Evansville I used my computer for a slideshow and music for before and after the show.  At that point, a picture of Alexander Skarsgard happened to be the wallpaper on my laptop.  The end of the show came, and somehow my wallpaper was being displayed for the entire auditorium to see, including my husband who was sitting in the 2nd row.  I wasn’t even embarrassed, but he sure was!
2.      I may or may not talk about my top 5 list on fairly frequent occasions, so naturally Alexander Skarsgard comes up. 
3.      I sometimes mention his name in conversations, mostly about tv & film. (I blame Andy for this one, because we absolutely started watching Vikings at his request, and there is a Skarsgard brother in it, which naturally leads me to thinking about Alexander.)
4.      Finally, a lovely picture of Alexander Skarsgard is currently the wallpaper on my phone and sometimes I talk to him…because I’m a little strange.

This jealousy is completely hilarious.  I adore my husband, and in fact besides swooning for Alexander Skarsgard on occasion, I think of Andy pretty much constantly.  I will in all likelihood  NEVER meet him.  He is a simple celebrity crush and nothing more.  This is not to belie the beauty of this handsome intelligent famous man, rather to say that in reality, I much prefer my husband who doesn’t get followed by TMZ.

So husbands of America, take heart.  Alexander Skarsgard is not going to be running around stealing your wives. (At least I don’t think he is!)  He has much better things to do than to seek out and bed the thousands of fans that want to see him naked in person.  In fact, celebrity crushes are good for marriages sometimes in my opinion!  I know I surely get a little worked up when I watch a sexy episode of True Blood!  As long as your wives are not running around wherever TMZ reported Alexander Skarsgard to be last in order to find and bed him, you honestly have nothing to worry about. That is the beauty of a celebrity crush. 

Final point, though Andy does not mention it regularly, I KNOW that he lusts after Jessica Alba on the regular.  I KNOW that he watches old episodes of Dark Angel sometimes just to watch her in action.  Do I get jealous? NO! You know why?  Because I always know he’s coming home to me!

We’re crazy about each other, and it shows! 

Celebrity crushes are funny, but should they lead to jealousy within a relationship? 
What do you think? 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

What I mean when I say I'm busy

No, this is not some snarky post about how I'm actually not busy and I just don't want to hang out with you.  This is an actual post chronicling the busy life of me.  I want to remember the busy-ness.  I want to remember this crazy time in our live for what exactly it is.  BUSY!

I've often said to Andy that this is the season of life that we are living through right now.  This is the time in our lives when both of us are working toward career goals, volunteering, coordinating our passions, and raising our little ones.  (And they ARE still little-ish! Shhhhh **sticks fingers in ears while singing la-la-la-la**) This is the time when we actually have to sit down once or sometimes twice a week to coordinate our schedules. YES, I've told Andy that we can share a calendar because this is 2016, but apparently he doesn't want me to know about all the time he spends in meetings all day at work.  Something is going on almost every night of the week: swimming lessons, parties, birth network meetings, board meetings, PTA meetings, etc, etc, etc.  The time fills up quickly, so quickly that Andy and I haven't had a real date in months at this point.

My therapist says that we are both work-a-holics.  I say she counsels too many addicts and soo she's projecting, but that's neither here nor there.  She also says that Andy and I need to take care of the third adult in our house: our marriage. We're working on it--ok, maybe we are work-a-holics.

Yes, I indeed am working on this many projects:
teaching 3 classes 3 days a week from 8-3 at USI
Listen To Your Mother Evansville
Doula Group of Evansville Business
    -birth doula clients
    -childbirth education classes 1x/week for 6 weeks
    -business stuff like taxes, social media, & money
Evansville Birth Network, once a month
Project Reveal grant writing & boad meetings once a month
Writing a Doula book
Turning my dissertation into a book
Writing 2 articles for publication
Book Review
Updating social media for my friend's company
Getting my workout on to hopefully run a marathon later this year

Yes, just looking at that list makes me tired.
Yes, I probably am trying to do too much, but I like it.
I'm also excited by all the projects I'm working on! I WANT to do them.  I am pursuing my passions with every single one of these things on that list.

So am I going to stop doing these things in the foreseeable future? Probably not.
Do I still have time to spend with my family? You betcha!
Does that mean that I don't have time for much else? Yes, but that's ok.  If you want to be my friend in this busy season of life, you have to be understanding.  You have to know that I'm probably not going to be able to hang out all the time.  You have to be ok with that.  Because I am.

This is what I mean when I say that I'm busy.  I'm not trying to garner sympathy here.  I'm not even trying to get an AMEN for all the great things I'm doing.  What I am trying to do is to gain a little perspective in my own life.  I write this blog for an accurate record of my life, and this post is just that: a record of what is going on in my life right now.

I know this season of busy will not last forever, but for now I am at peace with it.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Business Insider Article
Stereotypes are not evidence! 
"So what women are being criticized for–using ‘just’ when they make requests–is not a form of excessive feminine deference, it’s a way of being polite by displaying your awareness of others’ needs."

I agree whole-heartedly agree with this linguistic analysis.  I don't want women to speak like men.

What I DO want however, is for women to stop demeaning other women through the use of the word JUST.  Recently I have been criticized for being JUST a doula. Funny enough, I wear so many hats right now that I'm starting to lose track.

Here's a short list of the things I am JUST:
A small business owner
An adjunct instructor of Anthropology
A social media updater
A non-profit grant writer
A board member
A research grant writer
A book writer
A rally coordinator
A doula
A mom
A wife
A daughter
A sister

These are the things I'm JUST juggling right now.  I'm honestly loving it.

One last thing though, when it comes to the things I'm JUST, I take them all very seriously.  I am a very educated person.  I continue to learn every single day.

Don't tell me that I don't keep up with the scientific literature when it comes to maternal and fetal health. Don't tell me that I don't keep up with medical anthropology literature. Don't accuse me of not being able to critically read this literature.  Don't try to refute my scientific evidence with anecdotal stories and opinions.  These are not valid arguments! JUST don't!

Friday, July 10, 2015

My Listen To Your Mother Essay 2015

You can now watch a video of me reading my Listen To Your Mother essay on stage at our first ever Evansville Listen To Your Mother show:
If you'd rather read the essay, you can do so here

I am so honored to have been able to share my story live on stage and here in this pubic forum.  Being a producer for the inaugural LTYM show in Evansville was a complete honor, and we are already looking forward to next year! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mayzie Faye is 5!!

5 years ago today, I became a mother to 2 girls.  My waters broke at 2am and the contractions were already 5 mins apart and very strong.  3am we arrived at the hospital after Andy drove 80mph while my legs shook the whole way there.  3:30am a very grumpy OB checked my cervix without introducing herself & as she walked out of the room I yelled, "And that's why I have a midwife!" 3:45am the midwife arrived and I instantly felt better. I labored in the shower & eventually made my way to the bed.  As the midwife & nurse were looking at my leaking fluid and wondering if there was meconium in it, I got scared and was convinced something was wrong. So I pushed once. Char (the midwife said, "She's crowning, get my gloves." I pushed again. She yelled, "QUICK!" Her head had emerged.  I pushed one more time and out slipped Miss Mayzie into the waiting bare hands of Char, who later thanked me saying that she hadn't caught a baby with her bare hands in 20 years.  I held my girl at 5:20am and was ever so thankful for the short but hard labor. 

Now she is 5. She is going to her first Zoo camp all by herself next week.  She gets to fly all by herself all the way to Florida to visit her Poppy and Noni the first week of August.  She starts Kindergarten on August 12th. She's growing up so fast, and loving it all the way. 

Mayzie is vivacious.  Mayzie is imaginative.  She loves to play with small figurines and make up stories.  She sings in the car to the music and sometimes songs that she makes up.  She is sweet and sassy and ever so girly.  She insists on wearing a dress every. single. day.  I am so lucky to be able to spend so much time with this amazing little being that they say is mine.  She and Annika play well together, despite their 2 year age gap and VERY different personalities.  She is precocious; she told me the other day in the bathtub that she was concentrating her mind. She is a giant among her age group, often being mistaken for a 7 year old. 

She doesn't remember living in Germany at all, which makes me a little sad.  She loves to look at pictures of her birth and of our time in Germany too.  She loves with all her heart and makes friends easily but cautiously. She is opinionated and smart.  

Happy birthday Miss Mayzie Faye! We will love you forever and ever and ever! 

Friday, June 26, 2015


I was recently interviewed for a program that I am very passionate about: Project Reveal! (See the video here.)  The topic was happiness.  What is happiness? Is it a choice? Can things make you happy? What truly makes me happy?
This is what I've come up with:

Outside; These are the things that make me happy for a little while.  They may not have anything to do with inner soulful happiness, but they are still great.

1. Turtle sundaes--Vanilla ice cream smothered in hot fudge, caramel, pecans, and whipped cream? Yes please.  While a turtle sundae will only make me happy for an hour or so, it DOES help my mood for that time too.  About an hour in is when I realize that maybe it wasn't such a good idea and start debating whether it was worth it.

2. Comfy clothes that make me look good--I love some serious comfort, and mega bonus points if I happen to look good while wearing them too.  I have this great cotton pencil skirt that I love because it makes me look pretty classy without restricting my breathing or giving me a major muffin top.  Yes, yoga pants are great too, but they aren't the bees knees in my opinion; I just don't feel very nice in yoga pants unless I'm on my way to yoga.

3. Snuggles--They really are the best way to help my mood for a little while.  Extra special Annika & Mayzie & Andy snuggles are the BEST way to turn my frown upside down

Inside: These are the things that touch my soul and make me feel whole again when I'm down.  The happiness that these spread through me cannot be touched.

1. Relationships--This is what really makes me happy on the inside.  All kinds of relationships influence my internal happiness.  My family relationships come first for me.  The time I get to spend with my children, husband, brothers, parents is essential for my happiness.  This is one of the reasons we moved closer to family upon our return from Berlin.  My friends are also essential to my happiness, including the ones who are far away and that I don't get to talk to very often.  Is there anything better than getting a random phone call at 9pm on a Tuesday from a friend in a far off state? The conversations we have fuel my soul and keep me grounded in a way that I sincerely appreciate.  The way to my heart is through my brain, and the best relationships I have are with people who understand that.

2. Experiences--There are so many experiences that have made me happy, that I can't even begin to count. Meeting amazing people, working hard on a big project to completion, doing something new---all of these things are experiences that soothe my soul and make me feel happy.

3. Helping Others--There is no greater way to make me happy than to make other people happy and/or to bring them comfort.  As I say in the episode, this is why I became a doula.  This is why my life's passion is to help others enjoy and understand childbirth.  This is why I volunteer my time doing things that promote well-being in the community.  Helping others helps my soul too, which is why there is this debate as to whether or not there really is such a thing as altruism since we all get something back from helping others.  This debate does not interest me, mostly because who cares if we get something back from helping others, whatever the motivation is to do it doesn't matter, only that you do it.

Both: Then there are the things that feed both my soul and my yearning for a little happiness right in this very moment.

1. Yoga--Is there anything better than getting out of your head and getting fully into your body while at the same time focusing on your breath and changing your perspective? A great yoga teacher gets me to do all of these things, and a great yoga class will make me be introspective and feel physically better at the same time.  Other exercise also helps, but yoga feeds me body and soul.

2.  Sunrise/Sunset Walks/Runs--Similarly, walking anywhere while the sun is rising or setting speaks to both my body and soul. I become contemplative and reflective.  The moments are fleeting, and remind me of the brevity of this life.  I've had so many of these walks, but some of my favorites:
2003: Sunrise walk on the beach with Andy when he asked me to marry him.
2007: Sunset walk on the beach with Nadia talking about our future plans.
2009: Sunrise run on the beach in northern California, when I planned my running re-entry.
2014: Sunset stroll along the Mauerweg with Andy and the girls past a canal and horse pastures.

3. Travel--Nothing comes close to making me happy in the moment and for a long time as traveling!  It doesn't even need to be far away, but sometimes is.  Oh the places I have gone that are forever etched in my memory and soul.  My travels are so much more than stamps on my passport or miles on my car; they are the memories that I go back to again and again when I need a little happiness in my day/week/month/year. They are the dreams that I have for the future too. Yes, the list of places I want to visit is a mile long, but I know that I can die a happy woman from my travel experience memories.  Bonus points: extra great stories for the old folks' home.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

13 Year Cycle

13 years ago I lived in Bloomington, Indiana.  I was working as a waitress/bartender at ChiChi's Mexican Restaurant.  I walked or took the bus to work and lived in an apartment with one of my best friends.  My favorite things to do were go out to the bar with friends, meet cute boys, and try my damn-dest to figure out how to afford to finish my undergrad degree.  Ok, that last one wasn't that fun, but it did consume a large part of my thoughts.

13 years ago in Bloomington, IN there was a humongous swarm of cicadas.  I love cicadas.  I love the noise that they make; it always reminds me of summers gone by.  Cicadas remind me of the movie Lucas. I love finding their little shells all over tree trunks.  That summer the cicada chorus was more of a deafening roar than a sweet summer serenade.  They were EVERYWHERE!  We couldn't walk outside without being reminded of their presence.  One even flew into my face that summer as I walked across a hot parking lot, prompting much face swatting and spitting as the guts got all over my face and hands.  Yuck.

I will never forget that summer of the cicadas, but they were really only one highlight.  You see, that was the summer that I met Andy (my now husband).  That was the summer that I trained him to be a server at ChiChi's.  We went out for drinks with friends, after his week of training during which I had been flirting with him mercilessly while still also pining for a stupid boy that really had no interest in a relationship with me.  After that week of training, we went out in a big group of people for a much needed night of drinks.  That night, Andy asked me to go on a date with him the next day, and I said, Yes!"

The next day, with cicadas blaring, I played my very first round of disc golf.  We laughed so much, and I was surprisingly nervous.  He drove me home to shower and change, and picked me up later so we could go to dinner and a movie.  We watched the Bourne Identity (whoa that was 13 years ago!), and went to dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant that has since been razed.  Afterwards, we went to play pool at a local watering hole famous for their signature drink the AMF (Adios Mother F*****) and for the bras that hang from the rafters.  He took me home.  We talked for hours, and then he was going to leave.  He was going to leave without kissing me.  I could not abide that, and kissed him instead.

The next day, we hung out again, and every day for the rest of the summer too.  I was hooked! I was done for and didn't even know it yet.  That summer was filled with hours of hanging out, going on dates, working together at ChiChi's, and lots of kissing! It was wonderful.

Here we are a mere 7 months after we met...on the Spring Break when he asked me to marry him!

So this summer, when the 13 year cicadas came out and started their deafening din, my first thought was of that summer 13 years ago.  My second thought was how much has changed since then.  My third thought: how much really hasn't changed at all.  While our lives have moved forward and we've been on so many adventures together and separately, we still love each other just like we did that summer 13 years ago when we fell in love.

Where will we be when the 13 year cicadas come back out? I honestly have no idea.  We will have a 20 year old Annika and an 18 year old Mayzie.  Now THAT is a frightening thought.  Another thing I know for sure: we WILL be together, hopefully sitting on our porch swing drinking glasses of wine and remembering that summer in Bloomington when we met.


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