Saturday, January 7, 2012

Marking the Occasion

Today marks the 91st day that I've been in Germany, making this officially the longest I've ever been in Germany and away from home.  I'm positive this is a sad and proud day for our mothers.  We decided to mark the occasion with a date night thanks to our lovely friend Brooke who's coming to babysit for us.  What special thing do we have planned?  We'll be going to see an American political thriller with two hunky American actors.  Is there any better way to commemorate being abroad then supporting the Hollywood box-office intake abroad?  I think not, especially if it involves George Clooney & Ryan Gosling (two fabulously feminist actors**). 

Many new blog posts planned, including a detailed account of my trip back to the Zollamt (the very next day) that will include pictures.

Have a great Saturday!  

**I'm not sure they really are feminists, but both have been touted as such all over the interwebs with the 2 links I provided as examples  Isn't it funny how the academic anthropologist in me always feels the need to qualify my writing with contextualized examples?  HA! 


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