Monday, January 23, 2012

A Movie Experience

We recently went on a date to see a movie.  We went to see Ides of March at the Sony Center, which shows lots of movies in English without any subtitles even.  Thank goodness for the lack of subtitles, because I didn’t want anything obscuring my Clooney-Gosling viewing pleasure.  As at home, we ordered a large popcorn and soda to share.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the GIANT popcorn was the size of a bucket!  The Pepsi came in a 1.5 Liter cup that would not even fit into the cupholder in my seat.  I even joked with the concession stand girl that they were “American sized,” though she just nodded and looked all judgy as I walked off to theater number 7.  

We knew we weren’t at home though.  First, there was the fact that our tickets were printed with assigned seats that we had to find.  No joke, at some point this other couple came to claim their seats next to ours and the lady said, “Well really this seat (pointing at the one directly next to me where my coat was) is ours too, but we’ll just sit over here.”  (Auf Deutsch natürlich!)  Secondly, the theater was WARM.  I specifically wore a sweater layerered over a t-shirt to the movie, because I’m soo used to American theaters being cold.  As soon as we sat down, I was sweating and had to take off the sweater.  It’s January in Berlin right now.  I guess the theater didn’t get the news about the austerity measures...I digress.  The third reason we knew we weren’t at home, was because when we sat down 10 minutes before the show time the screen was completely blank.  No Commercials at all for that whole lead-up period to the show.  At the appointed time of the movie, the theater got dark, they played exactly 3 commercials, and then the house lights came back on to let the stragglers find their assigned seats.  At least ½ the audience showed up at this time.  Where are the punctual Germans anyway?  Finally, the lights went back down, they played 3 previews, and then came the Clooney-Gosling goodness.

For the record, I did really like the movie!  I thought it was an extremely candid and jaded insider look at the American political machine as it currently exists, and Gosling’s performance was really spot-on!  I love a good political thriller, and this one was as bitter and twisted as they come.  Phillip Seymour-Hoffman and Paul Giamatti also gave outstanding performances, and stole their respective scenes, which was no easy feat when competing with the hunkiness of Gosling.

Post Script: I took Annika to see a matinee of Puss in Boots there one week later, and she was soo happy it was in English that she actually sat in her seat through the whole thing! 


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