Sunday, January 29, 2012

A very snowy & skype-y Sunday

We awoke to a fresh coating of about 1 inch of snow all over the ground today.  I took the girls outside for some fresh air before lunch time.  Scary thought: maybe I am turning into a German mother <gasp>!  They basically ran around the courtyard between apartment buildings here in glorious Berlin suburbia making snow angels, tracking cat prints, drawing pictures with sticks in the snow, and attempting to climb on the mound of dirt next to the neighboring apartment building.  It’s fairly cold outside, so we didn’t stay out long.  While out there, I did notice that at least 80% of our neighbors had one or more windows in their house open.  It is below freezing, and their windows are open.  This particular German habit is baffling to me, and I think I may really need to investigate the origins of this custom.  I wonder if Turks here do the same thing.  I WILL be asking my participants about this for sure. 

The trip outside was seriously successful for us though, since Mayzie actually ate her lunch and then went straight to bed for her nap.  Annika has now completely given up her afternoon nap, and is currently sitting next to me playing games and listening to read-aloud books on my tablet.  This is one of the only ways I’ve ever been able to get her to sit still for more than 5 minutes.  Anyone who has ever met Miss Annika, will completely understand, so please don’t get all judgey-McJudgerson on me about the tablet. 

Andy left for his weekly soccer game just after Mayzie went down, and will be back in time to eat dinner with us.  So our afternoon will be spent in our usual Sunday in Berlin style: lounging around the apartment and skyping with family members who are just rolling out of bed.  There’s no point in leaving the house when 90% of things are closed anyway. Later I’ll put on a movie for the girls and make dinner for us all.  It’s a rough life. J

Side note: My 2 favorite new German-ified words are now: Googlen & Skypen! 

I am hoping to sit down and check off some of the ideas from my ever-growing list of things to write about this evening, so perhaps there will be another post today.

Oh yes, and one correction: on closer inspection Diesel Gas was €1.42 and the lowest grade gasoline you can purchase costs €1.53 per liter, making it $7.71.  For an American that will drive across the street for gas that is 1 cent cheaper, this is a major difference!  I’m looking forward to seeing how much gas will be when we rent a car to go visit our dear friends in Bremen. 

I need to also announce that Annika & Mayzie are now the proud owners of multiple pairs of thick tights, so their legs should never be showing ever again.  Take that Oma patrol lady who scolded us for Annika being underdressed on the U-Bahn!  She actually said to me, “Sie ist ├╝berhaupt nicht warm genug angezogen!” (She’s absolutely not dressed warm enough!) Naturally, she was also shaking her finger at me in scorn. 

One more thing: I must give a major shout out to our new friends that we recently met. They just moved here from Indianapolis and have 2 girls almost the exact same age as ours.  I had the BEST coffee date with the Mom and two girls and am really looking forward to being able to laugh at all the silly Germaness with another family going through the same things! 


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