Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why are we in Berlin?

Multiple Choice: We are in Berlin because...
A. we hate the United States and don't want to live there anymore.
B. we love navigating bureaucrazy in German, a language that only one of us is currently fluent in.
C. Annika always wanted to try the life of an ex-pat in Europe.
D. Hillary is working on her dissertation research here, and couldn't live without her family for the whole year she was going to be gone AND got enough money for us all to live on while she works her butt off collecting the data to finish up her PhD in Medical Anthropology.

I bet you can guess the answer.  :-)


  1. That probably makes it a MUST for you to be there rather than a WANT.

    1. It is an amazing thing to have to live in Berlin. :-)



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