Monday, February 20, 2012

Un-American Products

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture on my Facebook page of some “African Style” chips that we found at the grocery store.  We all had a few laughs at the very idea that an entire continent’s style could be captured in a single chip flavor and pondered if they would ever be sold in the USA.  

We had actually found a different brand of chips that were “African Flavored” here too.  Upon reading that, Andy exclaimed, “Made with real Africans!”  We had a good laugh and forgot to take a picture, so hopefully we can find them again. 

This week Andy purchased some new shampoo for the girls: 
Can you see what the scent is called?  Look again! 

Yes, that’s right, he bought our children “Jungle Fever” scented shampoo! 
The manufacturers did at least manage to put some pictures of Jungle animals on there, and I know that American idioms are not always translatable.  But seriously Germans, COME ON!!  You make my critique of institutional racism far too easy sometimes! 

Last but not least, I bring you an amazing ice skating show that is currently being advertised all over the city: Holiday on Ice! 
I don’t know about you, but when I think about Holiday on Ice: Fesival I definitely think it will include the hits of Mr. Phil Collins!  Please do not take this as an insult Mr. Collins, because I most assuredly appreciate your music, especially since I heard you with Starlee Kine on This American Life a few years ago.  I just have a hard time believing this would be a big seller in the USA.  By the way, they are featuring the song “Inthe Air Tonight” which I absolutely do not associate with anything holiday or festival related since it is a decidedly angry tune with an accompanying urbanlegend about witnessing a drowning referenced by Eminem in another angry song. 

On the reverse side, Andy recently found an entire clearance rack of t-shirts with gigantic American Flags across the front in faded-out colors at a store here.  I can definitely see things like that at home in the USA, though it is usually around the 4th of July.  German patriotic wear is much harder to find here, though easier than when I first started coming in 1997.  That is a post for another time.  J


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