Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear bus driver

First let me thank you for driving the nice bus that gets me from home to the S Bahn more quickly than I could walk. Our 101 route is surely one of the longer ones in the city, so I thoroughly appreciate what you do and that you need a break at the end of the line (1 stop after mine).

My meager request is that perhaps you could take your smoke break outside the bus instead of inside it. Yes I know it is only 48 degrees F today outside, but that is not an excuse to smoke inside the bus. My eyes should not tear up upon entering the bus and there should not be a visible haze hanging in the air of the bus. I know, as a smoker this does not bother you and you probably don't realize how horrible this smells to a non-smoker, but trust me, it stinks! Additionally, I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to be smoking on the bus, though I'm not going to be a tattle-tale--yet. I'm also not going to flinch when my child makes a loud comment about it.

Surely there are enough other stinking messes in the public transportation system in Berlin that the BVG employees don't need to be contributing to them as well. If you don't believe me, please ride the S1 for one day and encounter the stinkiest man in Berlin. That dude can clear a car!
Happy to have a cold and not be able to smell the stench in Berlin


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