Sunday, March 25, 2012

Frühlingsfest—Spring Festival! 3/25/12

Today, after making sure that the virus had moved on, we had an amazing day out as a family.  We generally make one whole day a week devoted to family time, and today we ventured out to the spring festival at Domäne Dahlem.  The location is a super adorable open air museum and working farm that is fairly close to where we live in Berlin, and free on all non-market/non-festival days.  We paid all of €4 to get in, and it was most assuredly worth it.  The girls got to ride a really amazing old time-y carousel (or is it a merry-go-round—I never remember which one goes which direction).  Annika didn’t even have to wear a seat belt, as evidenced in this picture:
 (Note: This is Annika’s new hat that she picked out to keep the sun out of her eyes.  She really loves it and is so proud.  We really appreciate the stereotypes it helps us fulfill and the fact that while keeping the sun out of her eyes it actually puts it IN the eyes of everyone around her.)
 We found one with a seat belt for Mayzie.

After a fun tractor ride around the place, multiple farm animal sightings, and some perusing of the wares on sale, we got the girls to actually sit in one place for a moment.  Evidence:
 They even listened to a little music while waiting for daddy to bring them their “hot dogs” that turned out to be 1 ½ feet long each.  I didn’t take a picture, so you’ll have to take my word on this one, but they were gigantic.  I then ventured out on my own to find some food, and got an awesomely humongous and juicy pickle.  

Later, the girls shared an Apfelschorle in the most adorable fashion. 
(Note: Yes, that is an actual GLASS that they give out, and that is totally normal here.  I will definitely write more about how this actually works later.)

If I had to guess, I would say that Apfelschorle is probably the 2nd most popular drink in all of Germany—second to beer of course.  This is a drink made from ½ apple juice and ½ mineral water.  Annika calls it tickle-juice (added to the Annika specific vocabulary list on the babysitter instructions) and our girls will drink it anytime and anywhere. 

After we finished at the spring festival, we took the bus back to near our home and stopped for a lovely early dinner on the patio of a local Greek restaurant with a Kinderspielplatz.  We are suckers for anywhere that actually has a cordoned off area for the kids to play while we relax a little bit, and are now on the hunt for a Bier Garten with a playground.  I am positive we can find one in Berlin! 

All in all it was an amazing day out and a great way to ring in our first spring in Berlin.  


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