Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Updates:

The Bug Abides:        
You know your kid doesn’t feel well when she falls asleep at the dinner table and doesn’t protest when you put her to bed a full hour and a half earlier than usual.  Obviously the bug is still hanging around our house, though the fever-ish stuff is over.  Miss Mayzie is still huggably sick with a continuous stream of snot coming out of her nose.  This too shall pass, but until it does we will be enjoying her cuddles. 

Annika lernt Deutsch:
The report from Annika’s preschool teachers is that after one month in school, she understands everything.  She only speaks a few German words regularly, but it is coming.  Last week she was begging us to not go to school, and this week she is skipping the whole way there.  Was it the talks we had with her about how hard learning another language is and how long mama had to study to speak German?  Was it the promise of a secret language we can speak to each other when we return to the U.S.A.?  Was it the bribery toy she got last week for going without a fight for 5 days in a row?  Probably not any of those, but we’re thrilled she’s learning. 

And the wife of the year award goes to:
ME!  We’d been trying to figure out a way to make it over to England for Andy’s cousin’s wedding at the end of the month.  In the end it was going to cost us about €1000 for the 4 of us to go for only 2 days.  That’s a whole lot of money, and I couldn’t stomach it or the idea of a fly-by visit with 2 tiny girls.  Instead, I suggested that Andy go to the wedding by himself and make it a long weekend to include a soccer game.  Yes, 4 days alone with 2 small girls will make me insane, but I have already asked a few friends to come help keep me sane.  Last night when Andy was looking at some information about London and having no luck figuring out his tickets for the soccer game, I suggested he might want to do something touristy instead of spending his whole time drinking beer & watching soccer when not attending wedding related events.  He scoffed as if that was the most ridiculous suggestion in the universe. 

English Failure:
Hopefully Andy at least enjoys his time in a country where English is the lingua franca again.  As we already found out, just because we speak English doesn’t mean we understand what they are talking about.  While checking his itinerary online yesterday, Andy had a moment of serious worry when the website said that he was not allowed any “Hold Baggage.”  The picture of a person holding a bag with a line through it was deceiving as well.  We did finally figure out that it must mean: baggage you put in the hold or baggage that they hold for you, but this was by no means clear to us.  Perhaps Google translate should have a British to American setting.  It is nice to know that we can have vocabulary failures in our native language too.  

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  1. Wow, there have been bugs going around here too, but somehow we have managed to stay well, but gave it to my parents. Hope the girls feel better soon.

    Share some of that Mommy magic with me on Lizzy. I hope she will be skipping to school when we get back!

    See you soon!



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