Sunday, March 11, 2012

Its not polite to stare!

Today we ventured into the city to check out the Mauer Park Flohmarkt. It was awesome & had a couple playgrounds nearby for entertaining the girls. On the way home, we had one of those not-so-fun city parenting moments of panic. The 30 minute train ride back to Zehlendorf from Prenzlauerberg had JUST started when Annika loudly announced that she had to go #2 and it was an emergency. 4 stops later we RAN inside the mall and found the bathroom just in time. Thankfully I even had change to pay for the potty. (It isn't usually free here btw.)

When we got back to the train platform, we had to wait 3 minutes for our S to pick us up. While we were standing on the platform, there were 2 men standing there STARING at us and very obviously talking about our super awesome double stroller. (I really have no idea what they were talking about. I only assume it was the stroller because we get near constant comments about it and they were a good 10 meters away so I couldn't hear them.). This is what went down after I noticed them:
Me: Annika, look over there. Wave at those guys.
Annika: (waved) I'll be right back mommy.
She then walked over to them, said something, then came back, and calmly sat back in the stroller while the guys gave me perplexed looks.
Me: What did you just say to them?
Annika: I told them they shouldn't stare. It's not very polite.
Me: Did you say it auf Englisch oder auf Deutsch.
Annika: Auf Englisch mama, natuerlich.
I then looked at the guys, shrugged my shoulders, & went back to singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider with Mayzie.


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