Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sometimes Sharing Sucks

We want our children to learn how to share their toys and crayons and feelings, but there are many things that would prefer they not share.
My best guess of Annika's latest share with me is Rotavirus.  Not to be confused with Rhinovirus by the way, this is no cold!  Soo one part of me is happy that Annika is learning to share, but the other part definitely wishes this was not shared with me!
(Note: Yes, I did intentionally confound the differing definitions and uses of sharing in this post.  I'm sick, give me a break!) 

On the bright side, I'm learning all kinds of new vocabulary from all this sickness including the German words for dehydration, electrolytes, and other fun things to have to explain to the pharmacist in order to procure something for symptom relief.

 Did I mention how much I really hate being sick in a foreign country?  It is definitely in the top 5 cruddy situations when living abroad.  I do not recommend it at all!  

Naturally, Annika was sick last weekend, I'm sick this weekend, and both of these weekends have had the most beautiful weather in recent memory.  Hold on sunshine, I will be back for you!



  1. Wow, what an interesting place ya'll are in! My son loves German history and would love to go there one day. Sickness is never good anywhere, but in someplace foreign, I suppose it would be more miserable!

    Get better soon!

    1. Feeling better today thanks! Absolutely bring your son to Berlin; you can feel the history in this city.

  2. I keep promising him. I would love to get with you sometime about sites to see if I decide to take him:)



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