Wednesday, April 18, 2012

8 Signs You've Been Abroad for a While

I’ve noticed a few small changes about myself lately.  Some are very German specific, but I think most apply to living abroad in general.  

8 Signs you’ve been abroad for a while:
1. An SUV driving down the street makes you turn your head in surprise. 
2. Your ears perk and you turn to see who is talking when you hear English.
3. American money looks oddly shaped and boring when you see it. 
4. The thought of real ranch dressing makes your mouth water. 
5. You are no longer surprised when the weather is nice and the thermometer says 15 degrees. 
6. Sorting your trash into 6 different bins no longer feels so confusing. 
7. You know what time it is at home without even having to think about it. 
8. You sometimes forget the English words for things.

Can you think of some?  


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