Sunday, April 29, 2012

Best. Berliner. Afternoon. EVER!

Yesterday we finally solved the age-old equation:
Beer Garden + Playground + Beautiful Weather + Friends= BEST AFTERNOON EVER

First I must give a BIG shout-out to Annie over at PhD in Parenting.  Annie used to live in Berlin with her two young children and her blog often comes up in our internet searches for awesome things to do here.  Andy found this great post of hers filled with pictures of awesome playgrounds, and one of them had a picture of a beer in it.  Andy emailed Annie to ask her where this magical place is in Berlin, and she emailed him back to tell him.  Annie is a blogosphere ROCK STAR, so I am super impressed and excited that she emailed us back soo quickly.  She must understand how badly we wanted to drink beer while watching our girls scamper around a fenced in area. 

Burg-am-See is in Kreuzberg, which is a bit of trek for us, but completely worth it!  This adorable beer garden is about the size of ½ a football field, filled with tables and benches, and situated right next to a playground.  The playground is fenced in and sits between the beer garden and a canal, which makes it a really beautiful scene on a sunny day.  Like many beer gardens, you are welcome to bring in your own food as long as you are ordering drinks, but they also sell pizza, bratwurst, döner, ice cream and other tasty treats.  We arrived around noon and had no trouble finding a table next to the playground.  There is plenty of shade too, which is especially nice when you plan to spend the whole afternoon. 

Here are our girls, almost playing together: 

This was the view from our table. 

Both of our girls can now say PROST, though Mayzie needs reminding on what to do when you say it. 
( For the record: That's Apfelschorle (apple juice + mineral water) that Annika's drinking there. We're not THAT European!)

The temperatures were in the upper 70s yesterday with abundant sunshine—pretty much perfect for a day out at the Biergarten! 

3 Tales from the beer garden:

-A man in a skirt should not attempt to hang upside down and/or balance on a beam that is 4 feet off the ground.  That was something I could have gone without seeing--ever.  Did the man in the skirt surprise me?  Not at all, but I would have much preferred the frank & beans to have stayed under the cloth! 

-Pointing and laughing at someone whose pizza was just attacked by a flock of birds is not nice.  Andy was picking up brats for the girls and I had to go rescue Mayzie on the part of the playground she couldn’t do by herself, thus leaving my pizza unattended for 30 whole seconds.  Those people at the table across from ours were very lucky my kids were there, or else they might have been wearing that pizza!  BONUS: One of the birds pooped on my bag.  Luckily, we always have wet-wipes and Andy to remind me not to let it ruin my afternoon.

-The entire canal was filled to the brim with groups of people who brought their grills and cases of beer to make an afternoon of it.  I have never seen soo many hipsters congregated in one area and trying to look cool while sunbathing in their underpants. 

I'm not sure I've been ecstatic enough about the fact that we have awesome friends here!  After a few hours of hanging out, several of our friends showed up to finish the afternoon with us in the beer garden.  We drank another round of yummy beers while discussing cultural differences and politics.  It was lovely.   

All in all, I would have to say that this was one of the best afternoons I have ever spent in Berlin.  The girls both fell asleep in the stroller on the way home and we all were completely worn out from being out in the sunshine (and some of us drinking beer) for 5+ hours.  We will most assuredly be doing this again soon.  

P.S. Our first visitors arrive on Wednesday morning and we are sooo excited!!!  Annika is counting down the days until she gets to see her Nana & Pawpaw!   


  1. What a hilarious post. I'm glad you had fun and I'm REALLY glad I never had to see a frank and beans while I was at the park. :)

    We miss Berlin so much.

    1. I can't thank you enough for the letter. It really hit home and made me super emotional and all that girly crying stuff (hence no reply) but it helped.

      Also, I love your stories, Annika's new do, and well...pretty much everything about your adventure!

    2. @Annie: Did you never stumble on any FKK-ers while strolling through the park here? I always feel so prudishly American when that happens. Thanx for stopping by, and for all your amazing posts about this city that we also LOVE.

      @Kate: Girly crying usually leads to determination and break-throughs for me. Sorry I made you cry, but happy it helped. :-)

    3. I don't think I did run into any FKK-ers in Berlin. A friend of mine mentioned seeing one once in a different park and I used to see them in Freiburg when I lived there, but never saw any in Berlin (except children, who often ran naked at splash pads / water parks).

  2. Sounds like I might have to go to Berlin just to have a relaxing day! The way things are going, I need a break. Hope you had fun with your visitors!



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