Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kegeln: Not the Same as Kegels

Last weekend, Andy was in London running around the city to do some shopping, sight-seeing, soccer watching, and wedding attending.  Him being away always reminds me how I would be the suckiest single parent EVER and how much I lean on him.  I'm going to let him post his own pictures from his adventure and move on to this week in our lives.

On Thursday we persuaded our friend to come babysit for us so that we could have a date night.  Andy planned a very fun outing to the local Kegelbahn restaurant that he'd been scoping out.  We weren't exactly sure what we were getting into when we went, but it was a great time for sure.  We went to Kegel Koenig (I would link to them, but their website is currently under construction), and enjoyed some good old fashioned 9-pin bowling.  We honestly had NO idea what it was all about when we arrived, and were very thankful to the table of 4 older couples playing in the lanes next to ours.  The bartender who took us into the basement did not explain anything at all, and simply lead us to the lanes and turned them on.  She did tell us "have fun" as she left to go make our drinks.

 Upon arrival, we tried to figure out what the heck was going on here.  There were only 4 lanes and the lady had given us 2 of them--one for each of us.
 Here's an inside view of the lanes.  The lanes were approximately 14-18 inches wide with a gutter on either side all the way down a long alley.  At the end of the alley, there were triangle pieces of wood where the ball could fall over the side as well.  The 9 pins were arranged in a sideways diamond shape, were smaller than we expected, and were all on strings.  Every time we threw the ball down and knocked any pins over, they were all drawn up and reset to their original formation.  There was also a string in front of the lane about  6 inches off the ground requiring us to throw the ball underneath to get it to go down the lane.
 As you can see, the balls were also smaller than American balls (insert crude joke here), and there were no holes for us to put our fingers in (surely there is another crude joke that could go here too).
 Here is an action shot!  Once you threw the ball under the string and actually got it to go down the lane, it typically did not go straight.  It actually would weave from side to side like it had had too much to drink, which we deduced was a good thing from watching the group playing next to us.
 Here's me with my ball in the amazing lighting of the lane.
 Naturally, we figured out AFTER we had finished playing that there are different kinds of games you could play with this set-up.  Yes, we should have done our research instead of just playing the same amount of rolls as the people next to us.  We noticed later that they had this amazing matrix of scores all crossed out on this wipe-board in some sort of interesting game that they were doing.  We did not get it at all, and really just had enough trouble trying to figure out how to work the controls that were most likely from the 1970s.  We each rolled 15 times per game, and typically could knock down 7 pins at a time.  Andy once knocked down all 9 pins and got the light board to do a happy show for us and I once knocked down all 8 of the pins around the outside somehow magically missing the one in the middle.  This also made the light board do a fun buzzing dancing thing, but we really don't know why or how.
  All in all, we agree with this little gnome dude: Good Wood!  It was a good time, and we'll definitely do it again and with more friends.  We'll also do some more research on how the game is played, though frankly just guessing was pretty fun.


  1. Kegeln?? grandmother and her friends love it as well. ;-))



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