Saturday, May 19, 2012

3 Shorts from This Week

Aural Competencies?
I am no longer susceptible to the adorableness that used to grasp me in its jaws and make me squeal AWWWW whenever I heard a child speaking a language other than English.  It has become so commonplace to hear German, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Chinese, Arabic, Finnish etc all over the city that I no longer even turn my head.  Yesterday at a playground I heard a 3 year old speaking Russian, German, and English with his mother.  It was extremely impressive, yet completely un-surprising here. 

Sticker Shock!
We had to change our flights home to a later date because despite the fact that the tickets are good for one year, they will only allow you to book them 9 months out from your departure.  We are staying here for a year, and this little rule just cost us $250 per ticket.  In my opinion, this is still not as brutal as the international infantlap fee you have to pay, but still not so nice considering we were planning to come home one year after we came in the first place.  Here’s hoping someone out there gets a cheap seat since we just opened up 4 on all of our flights next month.

Soccer Madness
Much to my chagrin, Andy has become somewhat of a Hertha fan since we’ve been living in Berlin. (GO WERDERBREMEN!!)  Hertha BSC is so bad that they actually had to play against the team from the league under to see if they would stay in the Bundesliga.  (This would be like the last place team in MLB having to play the 1st place minor league team to see which would be in the MLB the next season.)  Hertha fans are like Chicago cubs fans in my opinion: they loyally attend & watch the games, the ambiance at the games is great, and the team just can’t quite get it together.  Thursday, they played the team from Düsseldorf for the second of 2 games to determine who would be in the Bundesliga next season.  We had attended the 1st relegation game here in Berlin and were appalled at the flares lit inside the stadium during the game by Düsseldorf fans.  (Side note: Weren’t these people frisked at the gate like we were?)  At the game in Düsseldorf this week, not only were there at least 10 times as many red flares lit in the stands, but when the game was tied at 2-2 with 2 minutes left, the fans stormed the field.  (Pictures HERE!) Now they are having a big ol’ meeting with lawyers and referees and coaches and league officials about the game to see if the results will even stand.  The committee has adjourned until Monday.  I cannot even imagine what will happen if those teams have to meet again, but the Hertha players are still training like it will happen.  That is Soccer Madness my American friends! 

In other soccer news, our girls have been collecting these German soccer player cards that we get at the grocery store here.  Tonight, both of the girls insisted on sleeping with the cards.  I really thought the words, “OK, but you can each only sleep with 2 players tonight and you can play with them all in the morning,” would ever come out of my mouth.   


  1. I wish that we pushed foreign language as much in the states as they do everywhere else.

    1. AGREED!! We have such a variety of languages at home yet waste the opportunity to teach them at young ages. The rest of the world might be learning English, but we miss out on so much by being primarily monolingual!



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