Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ask Annika: Part 1

Inspired by a lovely friend who posted answers to questions people asked her son when they were living in Kenya, I bring you the first installation of “Ask Annika.”  I asked our good friend Sarah to begin the inquisition.  Here is what she sent me with Annika’s answers. 

Dear Annika,

I love seeing pictures of you in Berlin! You look like you're having so much fun! Could you please answer a few questions about Germany for me?

Annika: Ahh, no.

Me: Please.

Annika: OK, fine mama.  <rolls eyes>

1. Is the food in Berlin different than in Cleveland? What is your favorite German food?

Annika: Yes. Ahh…V___ (her best friend here whose name I have omitted on purpose)

Me: Um, well?  Do you eat V___?    

Annika: Oh.  <silly smirk> No mama.  You can only pretend to eat V___. 

Me: Right, so what’s your favorite thing to eat in Germany?  Do you like Apfelstrudel? Döner?

Andy: Wurst?

Annika: Wurst, yes I like Wurst the best.  <vegetarian mother cringes and glares at husband>

2. What is your favorite German word?

Annika: Hallo

Me: Really?  Hallo?  That’s your favorite German word?

Andy: Yeah, not Entschuldigung? (excuse me) You say that almost as much as Hallo. 

Annika: No.  Just Hallo. 

Me & Andy: Ok. 

3. What games do you and your friends play at preschool?

Annika: What’s preschool? 

Me: Kita.  What games do you play at Kita? 

Annika: (very emphatically) Fussball (Soccer)!!!! 

Love, Sarah

Ever wanted to hear about Berlin from a 4 year old’s perspective?  Send me an email or comment on this post and your questions could be the next installment of Ask Annika.  


  1. Best game ever. Thanks for playing, Annika!

    1. What do you like to do at the Spielplatz?

    2. What's your favorite way to travel around town (space age stroller, bike trailer, bus, UBahn/SBahn, walking...)?

    3. How is your balcony garden doing?

    1. Can't wait to see what she says Emily. BTW: Is our stroller really space age? I do LOVE it, but wouldn't it hover or something if it were space age?

  2. Love the answers to my questions! Thanks Anni! Love, Sarah



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