Monday, May 28, 2012

Sit & Fork

Mayzie is currently in that adorable phase where she loves to tell you all the words she knows.  She’ll sit down at the table and start pointing at things and naming them.  She has a few really adorable key phrases that she likes to say too.
Her repertoire currently includes:
--Hold me.
--Do it.
--My toy.
And my personal favorite:
--Mommy cuddles please.

Mayzie’s blossoming language skills are just as amazing to witness as Annika’s German development.  Annika now is to the point that she’ll interject German words and phrases without noticing and comprehends easily when I switch from English to German when speaking to her. 

Both of them are in need of pronunciation practice though.  Annika has trouble knowing the true pronunciation and I hear a funny accent when she speaks, which reveals when she’s just repeating a word without understanding the meaning.  It is really interesting.  Mayzie’s pronunciation is a different issue all together.  She really only uses words that she knows and always pronounces them with confidence.  Our two favorite words for her to repeat are SIT and FORK, because she not only pronounces them with confidence, but they also sound remarkably like two words that she should not be saying at all. 

No, our 22 month old does not have a potty mouth, yet!  We’re really hoping she knows how to at least USE the potty before she acquires a taste for more colorful language.  I keep trying to figure out a way to get her to say both of these words together, like getting her to command utensils like a dog: Sit sit fork!  Does that make me mean?  


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