Monday, May 7, 2012

VOTE for my Friend!!!

I have been very lucky to meet some amazing people in my lifetime.  My friend Meagen in Cleveland is one of those intriguing souls that you want to figure out what drives them because they do such outstanding things with their time.  I met her ueber-geeky husband in a public health class and bonded with her when we were both pregnant at the same time TWICE.  When we were both broke and working on projects bigger than we could dream, we set up a babysitting exchange to keep our sanity.

One of Meagen's BIG projects is promoting adult literacy through her educational consulting firm Farrell Ink.  This is what they do:
"Farrell Ink exists to increase educational opportunities for people regardless of income. People who are surviving homelessness, violence, and unemployment often need to improve or refresh their skills in reading, writing, and math in order to get out of their situation. They access educational services when packaged with and provided by the same supportive services offering food, shelter, clothing, and advocacy. That’s where we come in."

This lady is one of my heroes!  She started this consulting firm while her husband was finishing medical school and she had 2 small children the same age as mine!!  I promise, she never made me feel like a slacker either.  More than that though, she's filling educational gaps and helping people learn how to help themselves! 

Sooo, this is where you should go to check out more about the project and to VOTE for their capacity building project that is up for a National Service Impact Award.  

Do it!  Go!  Vote for the Lasting Positive Impact Project!  


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