Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ask Annika: Part 2

Our dear friend Emily is second in line for our Ask Annika game.  She is also from the states and is here in Berlin doing doctoral research on the same fellowship as I am.  She is incredibly beautiful and funny and intelligent AND loves our kids, so we keep her around so that the girls can have a great role model for a babysitter.  (Side note: We try to only hire babysitters who are awesome role models, so any other babysitters reading this should not be offended and think that we like Emily the best!)  Emily also has an awesome 6 degrees of separation from us as she went to high school with a former roommate of ours who is also in my PhD program.  Not all Midwesterners know each other, but this Berlin-Midwest connection certainly made us feel like the world is a very small place. 

Emily asks:   

1. What do you like to do at the Spielplatz?

Annika: Play

Me: Yes, but what do you like to play on at the Spielplatz?

Annika: On the playground.

Me: Ok, so what kind of playing do you do?

Annika: Oh, I like to climb. 

Me: Yes you do you little monkey!

2. What's your favorite way to travel around town (space age stroller, bike trailer, bus, UBahn/SBahn, walking...)?

Annika: I like to take a bus. 

Me: Really?  A bus is your favorite?

Annika: Yep.

3. How is your balcony garden doing?

Annika: play

She was getting a little distracted by the sticky notes, pens and stapler on my desk at this point, but we persevered.

Andy: What’s your favorite thing on the balcony garden to eat?

Annika: Ahh, playing.

Andy: No, to eat.  You know how you eat some of the leaves off the stuff in the garden.  Which one’s your favorite?

Annika: Umm, the long skinny ones that I always be grabbing to eat. 

Me: You mean the chives? 

Annika: Yeah, those are my favorite.

This may be our new favorite game!  You can read the first post here. If you’d like to Ask Annika our precocious 4 year-old anything about Berlin or her life here, please feel free to leave a comment or send an email with your questions.  We always enjoy deciphering the answers.  


  1. Not all midwesterners know each other? Are you sure? (;

  2. As evidence, I submit that I've never personally met John Mellencamp, Larry Bird, Gloria Steinem, Garrison Keillor, Willem DeFoe, Brad Pitt, Sheryl Crow, or Prince. All midwestern born! ;-)



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