Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lübeck Part 1

This weekend we traveled to Lübeck, a very beautiful old city on the Baltic Sea (Ostsee in German) for a conference.  The weekend was insanely awkward and chaotic interesting to say the least, but I’m choosing to only remember the awesome parts.  The weekend might have been free, had we been able to stick to the schedule as outlined by people without small children to think about.  As our friend over at Baby Takes Berlin points out, sometimes you get what you pay for.  We spent much of Friday on a bus filled with friends here in Berlin on the same scholarship program, so that part was pretty great—except for the last 45 minutes when Mayzie screamed at the top of her lungs because she hadn’t taken a nap yet. 

Lübeck is a really beautiful coastal town, the history of which I did not get a chance to learn about because…oh wait…I’m not writing about the crappy parts…hmmmm…

So our girls had a great time swimming in the very nice hotel’s swimming pool.  We only stayed 2 nights and we managed to throw them in the pool 3 different times.   Don’t worry, they were wearing water wings and we got in too. 

Saturday we completely ditched the conference and wandered around the city for most of the day.  We peeked around a corner and found a playground hidden down this adorable tiny corridor lined with houses all close together, and our girls made friends with a Schnecki (Snail—though I think Annika only knows the German word). 

We found out Mayzie is actually getting very good at writing!  ;-)

My Dad was along for the ride, as he was in Germany visiting us, and I think he actually got to go in this awesome historic tower thing that used to be the main entrance to the city.  He told us that the top of this is filled with medieval torture devices that used to be employed there to deter would be criminals from entering the Hanseatic city. 

Our girls made friends with a giant gummi bear.

We ate some marzipan, for which the city is famous, though somehow forgot to purchase any to take home with us. Oops. 

Overall, I would say this family photo sums up our entire experience.

Andy is feigning relaxation.  I’m obviously trying too hard to look happy.  Annika is just waking up from an ill-timed nap, and Mayzie is just about to lose it again.   All of us are not quite centered, almost cut-off, and/or completely awkward.  Yeah...that's a pretty good description of our whole weekend.  

Saturday night, we somehow persuaded my dad to stay with the girls in the hotel room (read: room service!) and we went to dinner with the big group.  Our small group of friends rebelliously snuck out and scampered about town looking for a place to watch the Eurocup Games.  We ended the night watching soccer and drinking beers in one of the hotel rooms. 

To be continued…


  1. Hey, I didn't know you found Captain Flint graffiti! How funny! I'm assuming it's a Treasure Island reference, but I hope it was actually written by German Arthur Ransome fans...

    1. Mayzie hasn't read any Ransome yet, so it is assuredly a Stevenson reference. :-)

  2. Your family photo and description is awesome. Also, where can I get a human sized gummi bear?

    1. They might look nice , but please watch the movie version of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs before you befriend one. Seriously.



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