Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lübeck Part 2

The hotel we stayed at had a divinely German breakfast that was part of our package, and I was soo overwhelmingly excited to eat it.  There were soo many different kinds of breads, cheeses, fruit, yogurt, vegetables, omelets, etc etc that it is actually making my mouth water just to think about it.  Of course, anyone who has ever tried to eat a meal with 2 squirmy kids knows that you must fight for every bite that you get to actually take.  Thankfully, they kept the coffee coming and Andy and I are getting to be professionals at trading who has to say, “Please get back in your chair again” and “No, you may not have another donut until you eat some fruit.” 

By the time Sunday morning’s breakfast came around, we were pretty well exhausted from the weekend, and were happy that the girls chose to play under the table together instead of scurrying under all of the server’s feet in the restaurant while we chased them and artfully dodged the scowls of other non-parent hotel guests. 

Then, I made the mistake of looking under the table and having this exchange with Annika:

Me: Hey Ani, whacha doing? 

Annika:  Playing.

Me: (notices something in her mouth) What are you eating? (Thinking: fruit of some kind).

Annika: Gum

Me: Oh, where did you get gum? (Thinking: Maybe from dad?)

Annika: (points her finger directly up) from the table mama.

Me: Oh…ewwwww. 

I proceeded to laugh uncontrollably into my napkin for several minutes—I blame the combination of exhaustion and disgust. 

After breakfast we checked out of the hotel and let the girls play on the playground next to the hotel.  Naturally, Mayzie managed to escape from me and get down the slide which had a 1” deep puddle of nasty rain water at the bottom of it.  Par for the morning of course! 

We took the collective buses back to Berlin, and even got both girls to pass out at some point in the back row of the bus.  

We arrived back to our apartment just in time to fix dinner and remember that it was Father’s Day.  Oops…total wife and daughter fail!!  Do I at least get some wife points for sending my husband out after a long weekend to watch the Germany-Denmark Eurocup game at a beer garden with our friends while I stayed home to put the kids to bed and hang out with my own dad?  I hope so. 


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