Friday, June 29, 2012

You know its summer in Berlin when…

-groups of school age kids are corralled on the trains with teachers screaming “WIR STEIGEN HIER AUS” between the cars at the whole group.  (We’re getting out here!)

-groups of Kita age kids are shuttled around on the public transportation system in matching somethings—hats, reflective fluorescent vests, t-shirts, etc, by very stressed out looking teachers.    

-at 8am on the U-Bahn, the 20-somethings drinking beer next to you are showered and speaking English.   

-the groups of tourists are exponentially larger than before. 

-you don’t hear from your American friends in town because they are all busy entertaining guests. 

The city is full of tourists right now, and so is our apartment.  My Mom and her best friend are here visiting us.  The Midwestern Berliners might be making some excursions while they are here too.  We must take advantage of free babysitting and relative cheapness and speed of travel to foreign countries while we can.    Stay tuned.

P.S. I hear we’re missing a horribly dry hot summer at home so far; this is helping me be much less homesick right now.    


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