Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ask Annika Part 3

Our friend Meagen’s questions, while not specific to Germany, the answers are certainly specific to Annika’s experiences here.  Meagen is another one of my friends from back in the Midwest, and she is one of the most inspiring and motivated people I know.  I met her when I shared a grad class with her overachieving husband and then we reconnected at one of those baby & me meet-ups.  When we were pregnant the second time together, she even hatched an AWESOME plan to help us both semi-keep our sanity by exchanging toddlers 2 days a week.  I'm pretty sure she even got actual work done on her baby-only days, while I mostly just went to Target and took naps.  Meagen writes really amazing stuff HERE and her educational consulting business can be found HERE.  Additionally, she is a really awesome mom to two adorable boys who happen to be around one month younger and older than our two girls respectively.  I seriously miss our conversations so much.  

Here are her questions for Annika: 

1. What do you want to be when you grow up

Annika: Ahh…a vet-ro-narian.

Me: What does a veterinarian do?

Annika: help animals.

Me: That’s right.  You’re pretty smart.

Annika: Yeah, I know. 

Me: <chuckling to myself while remembering that maybe we should work on humility>

2. What is mommy’s job?

Annika: To keep us safe.

Me: Yes, that’s right.  That’s my job as your mommy, to keep you safe and teach you how to be a good person, but what do I do when I go to work?

Annika: Work.

Me: Do I use any tools, or…?

Annika: Yep, your computer.

Me: And what do I do with my computer?

Annika: Write.

3. What is Daddy’s job?

Annika: To keep us safe.

Me: Yes, but what does he do at work?

Annika: Play soccer.

Me: Daddy plays soccer at work?

Annika: Yep. 

This will be a really interesting set of questions to ask again one year from now! 

She loves all animals--even ones made of Legos. 

**Ask Annika started HERE.   


  1. Love it!!! You rock, Annika! I love that Mommy & Daddy's job is to keep you safe...definitely true in our house, too! ;-)

    1. It isn't always an easy task is it? "Ani, we're not trying to be mean by telling you to stop riding your bike down those stairs. It's just our job to keep you safe." Thank goodness she occasionally listens to reason.



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