Friday, July 20, 2012


Today I was reminded just how amazing my friends are.  

Way back in 2008 I met this super quirky hilarious fellow mom at a baby & me class at our local parents' spot.  I try to make a habit of only hanging out with non-judgey moms full of spunk, and and this lady certainly fit the bill.  The first time we met we laughed, tried not to cry or fall asleep, and exposed our breasts.  (FYI: We were feeding our babies with those boobs, nothing scandalous.)  Anyway, Marjorie is one of those people you don't ever forget, and I'm soo happy to be able to call her a friend.  I knew it would probably stick when we randomly ran into each other while both shopping at a second-hand store.  She even hooked us up with some former midwesterners that live in Berlin now, and they are perhaps the most fancy of any of our friends---seriously, one of them is a DIVA.  

Marjorie made a habit of updating her Facebook profile with random things her daughter Emma would say, and has now edited and compiled them into a book of Emmaisms!!  They are random and hilarious and insightful and will most assuredly make you smile.  They are now available for purchase as an e-book both HERE and on HERE.  All the proceeds from the sale of this book are going to Emma's college fund, so GO BUY IT RIGHT NOW!!!  You won't be sorry!  

P.S. Marjorie, you rock and I hope we get to hang out again when I return to the USA! 


  1. You make me smile! Thanks Mama Melch for the kind words about "Emmaisms" and us!

    1. I always have a kind word for inspiring friends. Keep up the magnificence!



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