Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Firecracker Baby

At home in the USA, it is Independence Day, a day to commemorate our refusal to pay taxes to our overlords in England by eating gluttonously at backyard BBQs, swimming, and watching fireworks (or something like that).  I really do love the 4th of July, and am always a little sad to be out of the country on the most patriotic of holidays.  The 4th of July has also always had an additionally cause for celebration in our family, my Mama’s birthday.  Luckily for us, my mom is here in Berlin visiting right now, so we can do it up right.  This year she doesn’t even have to share her birthday with America! 

So happy birthday to you dearest Mama mia!  I love you more than my luggage and feel ridiculously lucky to have such a great mothering example.  You are my friend, confidant, and first person I call for life advice.  Thank you Debbie Sue for being such an amazingly caring and witty and thoughtful soul.  I love you! 

Mama, do you remember the day when you forced me to go to the most amazing exhibition in Berlin and we had the best time walking around for hours looking at all the exhibits and wondering why my 7 month old baby hadn’t taken a nap in the stroller yet?  I know it was a few years ago, but this is still one of my favorite pictures of you ever because of the amazing memories attached to it from that day:

Happy birthday beautiful smart funny lady!  You have great potential!  


  1. Hopefully I will now finally comment on your blog! Last night, listening to the sounds of all the neighborhood illegal fireworks, I couldn't help but reflect on how poetic it is that so many Americans celebrate our liberty by taking the liberty to do something illegal.
    And happy birthday to your mom :)

    1. Oh goodness but now it's tomorrow for you. I mean "two nights ago..."

    2. Ahhh yes...continuing the long tradition of Americans blowing things up to prove their love of liberty.



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