Tuesday, July 24, 2012

German Famous

Today while working in a café with a friend, we looked up from our laptops and saw this tall handsome fellow sitting at a table outside our window at the same cafe.  Due to my vantage point and odd knowledge of German actors, I quickly identified him.  Axel Schreiber an actor from one of my all-time favorite German sitcoms: Türkisch für Anfänger, and I might have had a slight geeky teenager OH. MAH. GAWD moment when I recognized him at the café today.  This was of course quickly quashed by my friend’s incomplete knowledge of German actors and the fact that I had to explain the show to her in order to even nerd out about it.  Apparently she’s been busily working on her dissertation or something, though in my defense, I think that a German show called “Turkish for Beginners” is completely relevant to my research.  I digress. 

Naturally, I was far too shy to actually say something to Mr. Schreiber, which is pretty funny really.  He’s totally famous in Germany, but I bet it might have made his day to have an American fan say something to him…maybe he actually has a HUGE American fan club that I just don’t know about.  Maybe I should start the American branch of his fan club.  Hmmm…

This was actually my 2nd famous German siting since being in Berlin, but the other dude I saw is actually WORLD famous & not just famous in Germany.  You may have heard of this dude: Gerhard Schröder.  Yeah, he used to be the Chancellor of Germany and stuff.  I almost ran into him while strolling between the Brandenburger Tor and the American Embassy one day.  This is what went through my mind:

“Hmm, I wonder who that dude is that is flanked by 3 bodyguard looking dudes walking toward the Reichstag?  Holy crap, that’s Gerhard Schröder.  Nice one Melch, you even remembered who he is!  Education, not actually a waste!  But seriously, how could anyone forget those eyebrows?  Ummm, he’s kinda short.  I wonder if I could snap a picture without someone wrestling me to the ground.  Why must I be by myself when this stuff happens?  Oh well, just savor the moment and thank your awesome brain for actually remembering stuff and recognizing important people.  See you later Schröder.” 

Then I did that super-cutesy manic-pixie-dream-girl thing that Kirsten Dunst does in Elizabethtown when she pretends to take a picture for her memories…yeah, I might be a total rom-com junkie and Cameron Crowe fan and Orlando Bloom drooler…so what? 

I wonder if I’ll see any more famous Germans during my stay here.  I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled and memory sharp.    


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