Monday, July 9, 2012

Mayzie is 2 Years Old!!

Happy birthday to our second born Miss Mayzie!  You are so smart and beautiful and we're lucky to get to be your parents.  Don't worry, even though you've been acting like a true 2 year old for months already, we didn't forget when your birthday is.

Here's Mayzie in her special birthday dress made and delivered by her Nana.  Naturally, stinky monkey had to be there too.

Dear Mayzie,
Your sweet smile and laugh can light up a room, and I never feel more special than when you cuddle up in my lap to snuggle.  You are learning more words and phrases every day (sometimes even in German), and your personality is becoming ever more distinct.  You certainly have your own opinions, and it is nice that you can communicate them in words instead of screams now too.  You're starting down the journey of wanting to do things all by yourself, and are so proud and surprised when things happen the way you meant for them to.  Happy birthday dearest Mayzie!  May all your birthday wishes come true.



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