Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Praha: Part 3

The next morning, we cautiously made our way to breakfast, and were relieved to find the room to be free of Russians, full of breakfast, and with the same young guy working as the day before.  We all had a laugh about the previous morning and we got to ask a few questions of our new favorite local.  He told us all about the famous cartoon Czech Mole that we’d been seeing all around town and recommended a couple things to see before we left. 

After breakfast, we stashed our suitcase in a locker at the train station and went to eat at a local brewery/restaurant that Andy found a nice review for on the internet.  It did not disappoint, and Andy sampled all 8 kinds that they had on tap. 

The beer sampler minus 1

Andy was really excited about the open fermentation they had going on there. 

Some brewing stuff 
That tall thing on the left (called a giraffe) can be filled with 4 liters of your choice to share and have on a mini tap at your table

If I were to venture a guess, I would say that Andy’s beer scale now goes something like this:
Germany: Great          
Czech Republic: Better          
USA: still the BEST

I think I agree with him on this actually.  The Germans have perfected what they do, but the variety is just not there.  The Czechs have reason to be proud of their beer, and they are not lacking on variety.  The USA still wins in our minds for the sheer creativity and extreme selection that is available.  All in all, I think we’ll certainly keep sampling the wares to compare and contrast all over the world though. 

After walking around and finishing up our souvenir purchases, we headed to the train station to discover that our train was delayed by more than an hour.  When we finally got on the train, 2 fancy ladies were in our reserved cabin, and had a total of 7 LARGE bags with them.  The younger one shrugged and told us that they were traveling for a month.  Surely it was a shopping trip!  We also found it really nice that they left 2 of the giant bags in the small corridor so that no one could pass through and then retreated to the dining car for the duration of the journey so that we could repeatedly be forced to move the bags for people who needed to get by, to bear the horrific German looks of scorn, and to continuously explain that they weren’t ours and apologize to random strangers.  Classy ladies, really classy. 

Overall, the train ride was again beautiful and I spent most of the time reading a young adult fiction novel that a friend from high school wrote.  I kept laughing out loud as I recognized the description of my middle school and almost every character pulled exactly from my adolescent experience.  We got home in time to kiss the sleeping girls, chat with my Mom and Alice, and go to bed.

Our weekend away was blissful and fun, but sadly we spent more of it missing our adorable girls than we ever would have expected.  We have of course spent much of the time since then deprogramming them after 3 full days of Mamaw spoiling.  It was totally worth it! 


  1. How much fun to read a book written by a friend and set in settings you knew!!! Sort of like reading someone's diary a bit, eh? Lucky you! :)

    ps-- are you in the book??

    1. I'm about 1/2 way through, & haven't found myself in it yet. It really is a fun read.



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