Thursday, July 26, 2012


People here LOVE our double stroller, and so do I.  We have this really amazing Phil & Ted’s Sport stroller with doubles kit that one girl sits behind the other in, and I LOVE that thing.  (FYI: I am getting nothing for promoting this product, I really just love it that much)  We use it almost every single day here, which more than justifies in my mind the larger than I was comfortable with price-tag for it.  By we, I really mean Andy and the girls, since I spend most of my days away doing my fieldwork or writing. 

Here’s a picture of our green monster:

I cannot tell you how many times I've been thankful for this stroller when we had to: 
1. Fit in a skinny elevator at a public transportation stop to get to the train/bus
2. Carry it down a flight of steps at a public transportation stop because there is no elevator**
3. Fold it up and put it into a regular car trunk (It totally fit in our old Honda Civic with room to spare!)
I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones that popped in my head just now.  

(**I think I owe an entire blog post to the lack of accessibility of this city!  I completely took this for granted at home in the USA, and the lack of curb cuts, ramps, & elevators is appalling here.)  

To be honest, I found out how much a German would have to pay for this thing, and I totally would NEVER pay that much for a freaking stroller. But we have loved this stroller and will be sad to see it go away when the girls are both too big.  That day is coming, much sooner than I ever dreamed.  Ze Germans love to give us the ultimate compliment on it though, always stopping to stare at it and them commenting about how “praktisch” it is. 

If I had it all to do over again, I would still absolutely spend the money on the same stroller.  If I had it to do over again and more money, I would absolutely invest in this AMAZING stroller that our friend here in Berlin has.  It is a bicycle with two different front attachments, one for a baby and the other for two kids to face each other. 

Here is a picture of it with the baby attachment:

I’ve also seen these really cool ones for bigger kids that have these box things with benches inside of them.  Here’s a picture of one I saw parked on the street:

This is the single version, but I've seen MUCH larger ones (mostly in Prenzlauerberg) that look like they could hold 2 kids plus all your groceries for the week in them.  

With a city full of bike lanes and loads of places within biking distance of our apartment, these would completely be my jam if we lived here forever.  Alas, we only will be here for 9 more weeks before we make our triumphant return to the Midwest. 

Speaking of which….maybe I should get busy…


  1. I totally want that red wagon & bike combo. Not that yours isn't cool.

    1. Ditto! The other attachment for my friend's bike-stroller combo thing is similar to it with two benches that face each other AND it is covered. It is absolutely stroller-jealousy inducing!

  2. There is a a bike/stroller set up in the U.S. that can be converted to hold 2 kids, but it is crazy go nuts expensive (looks like around $1700 for the two kid set up):

    So freaking cool, though.

    1. You found my friend's stroller online!! I'm soo happy b/c I was feeling bad for not remembering the brand I was lusting after. They are soo freaking cool, and sooo not affordable...but a mama can dream can't she.



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