Thursday, August 30, 2012

8/29 Berlin Bingo

On the S-Bahn yesterday, I saw 2 different ladies dressed in office attire complete with high heels, carrying scooters that were very obviously theirs.  How does one scoot in heels?

On the street, I saw a man passing out flyers wearing a bright yellow T-shirt with black letters that said "No Massages. No Sunglasses. No Viagra."  I WISH I would have gotten a flyer that he was passing out, so that I could try to figure out what in the world that T-shirt was supposed to mean.


  1. Love this!

    When I spent a semester in college in Florence, Italy, I was completely blown away with all the beautiful women on scooters (with helmets-- those Italians are not dumb) and they would be totally dolled up with heels like you said! If I was on a scooter, I am sure I would be in sweats looking like the schleppy American that I am.

    As for the guy with the enigmatic t-shirt-- now you will have ME wondering all day too!

    P.S. Maybe the flier said "Please build a Target in Germany"? or "Please DON'T build a Target in Germany"?

    1. Somehow Italians scooting in heels doesn't surprise me at all. Germans are usual so practical too, but I hardly EVER see anyone wearing a helmet.

  2. Do you feel you're in the Twilight Zone some days? Odd. But funny. Very funny.



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