Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day in the Life...

I did this little project a few months back with some friends on Facebook, and it was so amazingly fun.  We all took pictures of what we were doing every hour of the day.  The pictures were taken as near to the top of the hour as we could make them and were to be representative of what we were actually doing.  We all uploaded them to the Facebook group we created and then had great fun comparing each other's days.  It was a really amazing project, and we had participants from almost every continent and from so many different perspectives.  This was my day. 

7am: Time to wake up and play with the girls

8am: Drop off Annika at Kita

9am: Finishing breakfast and planning the day with our guests my awesome Aunt & Uncle who came all the way from Florida to Berlin to visit us. 

 10am: Riding the train into the neighborhood where I do my research

 11am: Working at a cafe

Noon: hanging out with some of my research participants

1pm: Walk through a market (That's white German asparagus btw.)

2pm walking walking walking--trying to stay out of the red bricked bike lane

 3pm: Home & working again. 

4pm: Hanging with my girls 

5pm: Waiting for the bus and enjoying legal beer drinking in public

6pm: Almost to our destination

7pm is missing because I completely forgot to take a picture inside...

8pm: Leaving the restaurant with my aunt & uncle

9pm: The couple that pees together...had too much beer at the restaurant & can't make it all the way back to the apartment without a pit stop. 

10pm: Nightcaps with our babysitters

I loved this project and I really hope we make it a tradition.  It was amazing to see all the pictures of daily life from around the world.  I can't say that this particular day was necessarily representative of my usual day, even for this year of being abroad in a very unusual situation.  I am however, very happy to have been able to document a special fun day.  

What you don't see in the pictures is also funny too, such as: 
-the extreme nervousness I felt when I was planning out the day for my aunt & uncle to make sure they didn't get lost.
-when I got "hopping mad" at Andy for suggesting we could ever possibly leave the kids at home with very capable babysitters who might actually not have a way to contact us should they need to. 
-the great conversations we had with my aunt & uncle about life plans. 

A picture might say a thousand words, but it certainly can conceal millions too.  



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