Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You’re So Funny

Tonight the adults finished eating our dinner and looked over to see that the munchkins had hardly touched theirs at all.  This is a very common occurrence at our house, so much so that sometimes I wonder how my children are even growing at all when I never actually see them eat anything.  Ok, that’s a total exaggeration.  Our girls are happy to eat when bribery in the form of promised sugary treats is involved.  

Tonight instead of screaming at them to just flipping eat already so they could take a bath and go to bed and give mommy time to catch up on some work, I started to sing to the tune of the Halleluiah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah:

“Eat your dinner.  Eat your dinner.  Eat your dinner.  Eat your dinner.  Eat yo-ur din-ner.”

I’ve been known to break into song on occasion, so that wasn’t the surprising thing about this at all.  What surprised me was the exchange that came next.

Annika: Mama, that’s the song from Francis.  (This is a show that she saw on Netflix about 3 months ago about an adorable animated badger.) 

Me: That’s right.  Wow.  How did you remember that?  Andy, were you watching Francis recently? 

Andy: Francis?  You mean that weird show with the nice badgers?  No.

Me: Annika, you are so smart.  You must get it from your Daddy.

Andy: No, you must get it from your Mommy. 

Annika: No guys, I got it from Netflix. 

Much laughing commenced, including from Annika who really had no idea why she was laughing other than the fact that we thought it was funny.  Ahhh yes Annika, I’m sure your Netflix viewing is what is making you smarter.

You should hear that girl tell a knock-knock joke though.  She’s getting the timing down better now, and can do an interrupting cow like nobody’s business.  Yes, I think 4 is going to be a good age for our funny girl.  


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