Saturday, September 1, 2012

9/1 Berlin Bingo

2 fancy ladies spotted just this morning.
Both were dressed to the nines, and made me laugh.

The first came to feed the goats at the Kleintier Verein near us. She stepped out of her pristine white fancy Mercedes SUV with a bag from Lindtner filled with her fruit & vegetable waste. She proceeded to put on a latex glove from her pocket and call all the goats Millie as she fed them. She also sneered at my kids when they got too close.

The second fancy lady walked up to my bus stop and scoffed at the rude oak tree for dropping acorns in her vicinity. When the bus approached, she pushed her way past the 7 people in front of her to be the first to get on. As I boarded the bus, she was still standing at the front waiting for her change while the bus driver berated her for buying a ticket for €1.40 with a €50 bill.

I will miss these types of moments at home.


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