Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stolen moments

Stolen obscure snapshots can be like tiny peeks into another world. I adore a casual moment of magnificently unexpected candor, and try to breathe in these moments of fantastically complex humanity whenever I encounter them.

This morning I walked past a suburban construction site to find a lone worker holding a level as a microphone and singing along to the blaring music of Paula Abdul.

"Do do you love me?
(Do do you love me?)
Tell me baby."

Yes, yes I did love that moment.

I walked further, and saw a man standing in a suit in front of a yet-to-open bank. He was smoking, what I soon smelled to be a joint. He finished and lit a cigarette off of his joint. This was about 1 Km down a very busy street from the American consulate here. All I could think was how very Berlin that moment was.

I'm constantly collecting these small stolen moments in my memory, but more so now than ever before.

Countdown: 14 days until we head back to the Midwest.


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