Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Hippo Incident

This actually happened at the zoo to me this past weekend.  We were standing in the hippo exhibit.  The big hippo was swimming in the water and there was a crowd of people in front of the tank.

Mayzie looked at me and asked, "Mama, where hippo?"  

I said, "Over there sweetie."  

The guy standing next to me with his two kids then turned to me and said, "Sie ist doch zu klein...(She's too small)...[switched to English]...You have to pick her up so she can see."  

Naturally, he had a scornful judgy-look on his face when he said it like I was the biggest twat on the planet who doesn't actually understand anything about children and/or anything else in the entire universe.  

I stood there for a second with my mouth agape, approximately 2 feet away from him, giving him what I hoped was a seething look that would convey the words I dared not scream in front of my children lest they be repeated later.  Naturally, he didn't even see it.  

I did pick up Mayzie so that she could see the hippo.  She looked at it, exclaimed, "HIPPO" and then squirmed to get down.  That moment would have been completely tiny and inconsequential in my memory had it not been for the D-Bag who apparently thought I was a ninny.  

This is what I will NOT miss when we come back to the U.S.  I have a really hard time imagining any American parent ever having the gall to say that to me.  Maybe I just look smarter in America though.  Time will tell.  


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