Friday, September 14, 2012

We Will Survive

As of today, Andy has been gone for a whole week.  It hasn’t been the BEST week, but it also hasn’t been the worst week ever mostly thanks to the AMAZING Ruth.  I’m pretty sure that if Andy had taken the kids home with him to the states, we would ALL be going insane about now.    

I will be eternally grateful that:

-Ruth is here to help me take care of the girls and generally stay a little saner.

-Andy has a job at home in the states already, meaning we’ll also have health insurance upon our American re-entry.

-my in-laws are so generous to not only keep our things in their basement for the entire year we were abroad (while they also were doing a MAJOR remodeling job finishing it), but also to let Andy stay at their house indefinitely while we work out all the finer details of coming home (like figuring out where that’s going to be). 

-I’m getting the best and most compelling data for my dissertation research from the loveliest teenagers in Berlin right now.

This past week brought some interesting new challenges, but we’ll get through them.  We will survive, and maybe even thrive a little bit.  We all fly home in 19 days, and are going to be extremely busy between now and then.  Surely if we can get through all of this, then we will come out on the other side stronger and more determined than ever before. 

I’ll keep you posted.        


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