Thursday, October 18, 2012

Apfelfest: Adventures in Oranienburg

One of the excursions we took in our last month was up to an Apple Festival in Oranienburg, just north of city.  I'd only ever been up there to check out the concentration camp in the neighborhood, but Andy and the girls had been once before with Annika's class for a fieldtrip to Germendorf.  Lucky for us, we could take the same train from our usual station straight up through the city and to the town to meet up with our friends.  This was a really special day out for us, and I hope that the pictures do justice to what was a really brilliant day.  

Here is Herbert with his kids checking the map to see where we actually needed to walk to in order to find the castle where the festival was happening.  Annika seemed to think that the back side of the map was just as exciting.  

 We arrived just in time to catch the sword fight and dragon's entrance.  Did I mention that it was a medieval apple festival at a castle?  Annika really liked when the dragon breathed fire and then stuck his tongue out at the audience.  

Naturally, there was also hippy bubble blowing.  

Then the kids got to ride this cool spinning thing.

 We did actually drink some fresh pressed apple cider too.  

Annika really wanted to practice her archery skills.  She's been wanting to ever since she saw Brave, but I thankfully convinced her keep her non-existent skills a secret for now.  

There was a replica Viking ship that you could pay to take a ride around a pond on, but our kids had more fun playing on the little pier and with the dead fish in the water.  

We spent some time exploring the beautiful castle gardens, though we really only saw the parts with to be expected.  

I'm pretty sure we convinced our friend Saba to NEVER have children.  She was an excellent sport about the whole day though.  (Side note: Saba, I miss you and our coffee/cake talks so much!)

When Annika passed out and Mayzie was too tired to walk, Hanna and Oscar took turns pushing them around in the stroller.  

 There was much sibling love on the train ride home, and I'm pretty sure we were ALL exhausted.  

We had such a great time with our friends at the Apfelfest, and it was a beautiful day.  I'm a little sad that I didn't get a video of the weirdest music I had ever heard in my life.  It was like medieval bagpipe death metal rock in German, and our mouths were hanging open for a full minute of their opening song.

This whole day was Herbert's idea.  He wanted to take Saba and I out to see a bit of the non-city part of Brandenburg.  He was an amazing tour guide, even carrying my children on his shoulders and teaching them marching tunes.  His kids only speak German and mine speak some German but mostly English, so it was fun to watch them all become fast friends without language for the most part.  Annika and Hanna spent half of the train ride up chasing each other around the car and giggling up a storm, while Oscar told me all about his favorite subjects in school.  It was a lovely day that I will never ever forget, with great friends and not nearly enough time.  Isn't that always the way the best days are though?    


  1. This looks so fun! You'd never see one of those cool-spinny things here (liability issues), but I totally want one!

    1. I was thinking the same thing the whole time they were riding it. I was honestly a little scared for Mayzie, but she LOVED it so much.



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