Thursday, October 25, 2012


I recently got to go shopping all. by. my. self.  I know you're jealous.  So I went to a discount store in the area, because one of the things I seriously missed the most about America was the cheap clothes shopping.  Not that I even really like clothes shopping, but it was at least time for me to have a pair of jeans that didn't give me a muffin top while at the same time showing my butt crack when I bent over to pick up my  daughter.  Yeah, I'm not that white trash y'all!  Anyway, I was browsing the aisles, because I COULD, and I came across this: 

Can you read the sign?  

Yeah, it says "Daywear."  

Soo many thoughts, so many thoughts.  A few to share: 

1. What in the world IS daywear anyway?  Is that a real word and/or category of clothing?  

2. Who is wearing this during the day?  

3. Possible part-time jobs of the sales associate that placed this: brothel owner, prostitute, newlywed. 

4. Is this the new style here and I've been abroad for so long that I don't know it yet?  

5. Rachel and Joshua's first date when his parents come home...her lie has become a reality.  (If you don't get the Friends reference, don't worry.  I'm pretty sure it dates me anyway.)

I didn't shop that least not to wear during the day or in view of anyone other than my husband.  I'm just not that kind of girl.



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