Saturday, October 20, 2012

Giant Kite Festival!

I had been seeing these advertisements all over the city, and I just couldn't wait to take the girls to the Giant Kite Festival at one of the coolest parks in all of Berlin: Tempelhof.  It was our next to last weekend in Berlin, so I was certainly going to try to get out and enjoy every last bit of the city that I could.  

Our former babysitter arrived in Berlin 2 weeks before we headed home to start a year abroad as an au pair.  She spent her day off with us at the festival, and hopefully even had a little bit of fun running around the city with us.  She got her first taste of German festival culture, and I got an extra pair of eyes to watch my wild and crazy girls in a crowded fun festival.  Win-Win for sure.  

These kites were truly GIANT and impressive.  Here is Annika standing in the middle of the former airport's runway.  Briefly, for you history buffs: Tempelhof was the site of the Luftbruecke where the US and England thwarted communist expansion and saved a bunch of German lives.  It is a really interesting and complicated historical space, as part of the building still standing was designed by a Nazi-architect.  Oh that complicated German history....but I digress...

It was a VERY windy day, and we were lucky to come when we did.  About a 1/2 hour after we arrived, 3/4 of the kites had to be taken down because it was just too windy.  

Here's a shot of the old airport from a distance.

Those were some BIG kites.  It was hard to actually get a scale shot of them, since they were up there competing with the clouds and all, but trust me, they were HUGE.  

Quite honestly, I think Mayzie had more fun blowing bubbles and later eating sausages than she did actually seeing the kites up in the air. 

Annika found this fun bungee runner thing to do for FREE. She had fun, despite the fact that she didn't weigh enough to actually do it without help.  

We took the train home and got there just in time to vegetate and make dinner.  It was yet another fun day out in the city, and I know I won't soon forget it.  That of course includes the 2 mom's with strollers behind us in line who YELLED at the people getting on the elevator in front of us because they could have just as easily used the escalator, AND when I got to yell at the sausage vendor for serving people behind us before we got ours.  I know Tali was impressed by my assertive German, though I already knew that it wasn't going  to translate well at home. 

One small note to finish: We left our dearest Tali back in Berlin as an au pair with one of our favorite families.  I felt like I was leaving my friend and kid there at the same time.  I LOVE that girl and I'm sooo jealous that my friend gets to keep her for a whole year!!  


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