Friday, October 26, 2012

Hanging at Nana's House

My in-laws live out in the middle of no-where, which also happens to only be a 20 minute drive to the center of the city here.  It is a really beautiful piece of land, and they are even lucky enough to live next to some of their best friends.  We were lucky enough that they stored our things in their formerly empty basement for the entire time we were gone.  That really saved us some dough and made us much more flexible when we were deciding where we wanted to come back to in the states.  We were unbelievably lucky that they let us stay with them while we waited for the Chicago news, and even before that, the entire month when Andy was here working and I was still in Germany with the girls.  Yeah, I know...they're awesome!  We had a great time while we stayed with them and got over our jet-lag.  

Here are the girls exploring an outcropping on Nana & Papaw's land.  Perhaps one of them will become a geologist?  

Papaw had a mini-4-wheeler that Annika LOVED driving around their property.  Mayzie was a much better passenger, though that didn't stop her from trying to drive on her own.  

Here they are checking out the pumpkin loot from the previous day's excursion. 

This is the same Nana & Papaw that took us to Tropical Islands when they came to Berlin to visit and watched the girls so we could go on an overnight date in the city too.  They are soo great!  We're extremely grateful for their unwavering support of our entire family and shining example of how a relationship grows and changes over time to become stronger and better.  We love you guys!  Thanks for letting us hang out, and we look forward to many many more days of hanging out to come.  


  1. Oh, it's so wonderful that you have such a supportive family! That makes all the difference! It looks like your girls are loving having a new place to explore!

    (and it sound like you have the best of both the middle of nowhere but also only 20 minutes from everything!! That's a win-win!!)

  2. We've been pretty lucky to find supportive people wherever we've been, but it is soo nice to have a support system immediately upon arrival for sure.



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