Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'll Take It.

We moved into a new apartment.  It is an inexpensive 2 bedroom place, and we like it so far.  It is almost twice the size of our apartment in Berlin and 1/2 the cost, so that alone makes me happy.  My most favorite part of the apartment is the patio off of our bedroom.  We have this nice set of 2 chairs and a matching table that was a wedding present from one of Andy's brother's and it makes it the perfect spot for sitting and drinking coffee in the morning. 

This was the view of the tree behind our building just after we moved in.  

Here it is from underneath, out our back door. 

It isn't much, and there really is no way that I"m ever going to actually be able to sit on my veranda while drinking coffee and leisurely reading the Huffington Post on ANY day really, but I'll take it.   


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