Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our New Library

We LOVED our library in Cleveland. I mean LOVED it like we went there ALL The time.  It was soo great, and not only because of our favorite librarian Mr. Henry (who also happened to be our next-door neighbor and a very interesting amazing human being).  The library here had a whole lot to live up to and I'd already begun gathering library recommendations before we were eligible for our cards.  

So far so good, if only because it has a PIRATE SHIP in the kids' reading area!  

The girls had a great time climbing in and out of the port holes.  

Then this completely magical thing happened: Annika sat down to look at a book for 5 whole minutes.  It was Ah-MAZE-Ing!  Naturally her typically quiet sister spent the whole 5 minutes alternating between screams of "Annika" and "HELP", but you can't have it all.  

I was seriously impressed with the library and the huge selection of kids' books.  The true test will come the next time we go back and attempt a story time.  Annika has a history of actually being thrown out of story times in the past for her inability to sit and listen, so we'll see how it goes.  


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