Monday, October 1, 2012

Things I Will Miss

-Walking down the street past a bakery filled with fresh Brötchen, belegtes Baguettes, and some type of cake covered in a seasonal fruit (currently sliced plums).

-My gym's indoor swimming pool filled to capacity with old people exercising to the greatest hits of the 1960s as remixed by Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch's DJ.

-Sitting at a large table full of adolescents who ALL already speak more languages than I ever will, yet somehow they think I am smart because I happen to speak the language they are all required to learn.

-RELIABLE and mostly GREAT PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!!!!!! (I haven't driven for a whole year, & I am not looking forward to being required to do so all the time again.)

The many many friends we have made here in Berlin!!

You know who you are.

-Bus stops with empty bags, crumpled jeans & an equally disheveled looking sweatshirt, coffee mug, & ashtray.

-Sitting next to old men reading symphonic music on the train.

I feel like I could list a million other shoulder shrugging Berliner moments stolen throughout our time here, and these things all happened to me in one day.  That's Berlin!  Though I'm anxious to see what kind of reverse culture shock we're going to get at home just like our friend who writes at Baby Takes Berlin, and how much the previously familiar will now be strange.

The tips of the trees are beginning to change color here as the Autumn sets in here.  The seasons have turned all the way back around again, and we're headed home very soon.  The all consuming packing and cleaning have taken over my life between sad goodbye hugs and tears I can't quite hold back.  Even Mayzie has noticed that big changes are afoot...mostly only because all her toys have been packed I think.  The time has come for all the very-last-times, and I'm very slooooowly coming to grips with the fact that this year is actually over.  1.5 days left in Berlin and then 1.5 days of travel to get back to the Midwest on the Mommy Martyr Maker travel itinerary...or at least that's what we're referring to it as right now.  We'll see how it goes.

Don't worry, I still have a few adventures from Berlin to write about; I just don't think I'm going to get to them until we're back stateside.  I'm guessing if you are reading this, that you probably completely understand that I'll be a little busy between now & then.

The last word from me while still in Berlin, is that YES I'm most assuredly planning to keep writing on this blog.  We are most definitely midwesterners in our hearts, but we're a little bit Berliner now too.  Besides, I'll be back soon Berlin, our romance is not finished.  :-)


  1. And here's hoping the romance NEVER finishes! Can't wait to keep up on your next wave of adventures!

  2. This romance is certainly for LIFE!



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