Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thinking of Amy

I've been thinking of my friend Amy all the way down in Auckland, New Zealand living the ex-pat life for a year with her ever so busy surgeon husband and 3 rambunctious boys.  You can read their family blog HERE.  They've been hunkered down with sickness for a while, but she always has such a great attitude to accompany her sometimes completely outrageous stories.  

When I saw this at the store, these little buggers HAD to come home with me.**

I don't remember dishwasher detergent being the scent of a country before, and I honestly half expected it to smell like sheep and volcanoes at first.  (I am still being reintroduced to American ideas of what things should smell like!)

One thing is for sure though: every time I pull out that package and see the word New Zealand printed there, I think of Amy and her sunny attitude and sweet smile.  I think of her wild and crazy stories and wish we were actually closer to be able to share a nice bottle of wine and chat for a while.

Hang in there Amy!!  You're a rock star Mama!  

**I am not in any way being compensated by this company, but I can attest that it does indeed get my dishes clean in the dishwasher.   


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