Sunday, October 28, 2012

We LOVE Fall in Indiana

We signed the lease for our apartment on a Wednesday, and on Friday I took off with the girls to go to my brother's house.  Yes, I did leave Andy to finish the moving stuff by himself.  To be fair, you need to know that it was most assuredly easier for Andy to put a set of bunk beds together without little ones about AND my cousin and his wife who live in San Francisco were passing through and I REALLY wanted to see them. OH yeah, and did I mention that I hadn't seen my brother in a year and a half AND I hadn't even met my brand new niece who's almost 6 months old yet?  

We took the girls to another pumpkin patch farm that also had loads of activities for the kids to check out.  Here are my girls with their cousin on the pretend horse.  Annika was busy roping some plastic cattle.  

Mayzie was pretty psyched to drive the tractor, despite her complete inability to figure out the pedals.  (I blame the Laufrad!)  

Annika enjoyed pretend horses of all sorts.  

Look at those cute cousins getting ready to go in the corn maze.  Please do note the short short corn too.  I was told it was because of the drought they had this year, and yes, I know that the fact that corn height is a common topic of conversation makes it very very apparent that we are back in the Midwest.  Please also check out my niece's awesome face in this photo.  That is one excited kid!

Here goes Mayzie in the corn maze.  This was the easier one of two (yes 2 corn mazes), but it was fun.  They had buckets all over the maze with different seeds in them.  If you collected all the different seeds, you got a prize at the end.  

My little piggies. 

Mayzie was completely obsessed with the Esel, and kept running over screaming "Esel! Esel!"  It was then that I realized that she should probably learn the English names for animals too.  Oops.  

We got to go on a REAL hay ride (AH AH ACHOO), and the girls really liked it.  Here are all the big girls with us that day: Mayzie, Annika, Avery (the neighbor), & Emma (our niece).  

My brother has 2 dogs that are extremely kid friendly, but none more so than Ms. Gracie the Weimaraner.  Perhaps it is her German breeding, but Mayzie LOVES that dog and I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual. 

I was having soo much fun catching up with everyone, that I sadly forgot to take pictures of everyone.  Does that ever happen to you?  I swear that some of the best days are only documented in my mind.  I did snap this adorable picture of my cousin's wife Corinne.  She even managed to pull her eyes away from a football game to smile for me, though Annika wasn't having it (as usual).  

I even found out that Corinne is a regular reader of the blog!  We love you princess Corinne, and are looking forward to seeing you again whenever we can make that happen.  Thanks for stopping by Indiana and enjoying your very first fall experience with us.  (Editor's note: Corinne is from FL, currently lives in northern California, and had never actually experienced my most favorite of seasons.  We had a great time showing her the best of what Autumn has to offer.)  

We had a beautiful drive home on Sunday through a splendor of fall fireworks, and despite Andy's best efforts, we returned to an apartment full of boxes.  Apparently it takes a really long time to put together bunk beds by flashlight and closet light, even for such a smart and talented man like Andy.  


  1. Okay - I have to agree. That is THE MOST kid-friendly dog I've ever seen. Impressive.

    Great pics!

    1. She's also the best behaved Weimaraner I have ever met. Her brother the Pomeranian is pretty nice too, but too small to climb.



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