Friday, November 9, 2012

Child Care

Searching for child care has to be one of my least favorite things in the world to do.  It is all a hazy mess of feeling your way in the dark around a bunch of very non-transparent options of places that you'll then hand over your precious child to and pay large sums of money, all in the hopes of getting stuff done all by yourself.  You know, stuff like work and dentist appointments. Hmm, that reminds me, when WAS the last time I made it to the dentist?

In Germany, IKEA had this amazing place where you could drop off your potty-trained kids for 2 hours for free. It was so very nice! I have no idea if IKEA does that here, mostly because I have never lived less than a 2.5 hour drive to an IKEA in the USA.  This got me thinking, where are some other places that I could use some child care like this.  I submit a short list for your consideration.

-the Dentist office
-the OB/Gyn office
-the grocery store
-the mall
-the hairstylist
-Etc etc ad nauseum

I am not meaning to suggest that these things are impossible with children along, rather that they would be MUCH easier with a little more help.  Sometimes the complete lack of understanding that you get at these places because of being the primary care-giver of small children is a little ridiculous.  If you even knew the level of coordination it takes a primary care-giver to get to these places alone and on time, you would cut them a little more slack.  


  1. IKEA DOES do that here!! I hate Ikea, but have tons of crap from them because of that very reason (and I like their meatballs, too).

  2. Sadly, the closest IKEA is 208 miles away, I just checked their website. :-(



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