Monday, November 12, 2012

Toe BooBoo

Annika is the super rambunctious child who likes to climb everything and is completely unafraid.  Naturally her more cautious sister, who happily ask for help if she needs it instead of screaming for help 2 seconds before she is going to fall to her death (true story), is the more accident-prone of the two.  

One night this past week when Andy was working late and I was cooking dinner, Mayzie found my 3 pound weights and dropped one of them directly on her foot and 4th toe.  The toe was definitely broken, as it was crooked and already purple by the time I got to the scene (less than 10 ft away from where I was cooking of course), but I was really concerned about her foot.  I called my Dad (a former EMT) to ask what to do.  

Here is Mayzie doing our RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) with a bowl of ice cream to make it all better.  

Once the ibuprofen kicked in and a special "Bo on the Go" was on, she acted like nothing had ever happened and all was right with the world.

She didn't even eat the ice cream!  She was walking on it with only a minor limp by the time she went to bed, so per the advice of my Dad, we put a shoe on so that she wouldn't bump it in the night and wake up wailing and hurt.  

We have been soooo outrageously lucky to have had children for more than 4 years, and this was our first broken bone.  (Don't worry, I'm not superstitious.  I am not at all concerned that typing this and publishing this on the internet will bring us bad fortune now.)  The toe is still a little bruised and swollen, but it isn't giving her any trouble at all now.  She'll be fine.    Who ever thought Mayzie would be the accident prone one?  

One last tidbit: the entire time I was on the phone trying to figure out what to do and the actual severity of the problem, Annika was standing in front of me holding the 3 lb weights and trying to get my attention by dropping them on her feet and saying, "Owwwaahh Mama!  I'm hurt now too."  It might have actually concerned me if she didn't keep doing it over and over and over without ever actually injuring herself and laughing about it.  


  1. 4 year and first broken toe?? You are like defying all the laws of the universe. Well done, well done.

    1. I feel like we should gets some sort of insurance discount for our lack of ED visits or something. Trust me, I know how lucky we've been.



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