Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ask Annika Part 4: This one is gonna be EPIC!

The 4th installment of Ask Annika comes courtesy of our friend Marianne at We Band of Mothers.  Marianne is a hilarious writer full of sass and great stories of south Chicago style parenting failures and successes.  Most impressive of all, besides all her amazing blog writing and article writing that she does over at Chicago Parent, she also has a new book out just in time to fill in that last name on your shopping list.  


Here are her questions for Annika and Annika's answers: 

Marianne: So kid...whatchya think of the cover?  Good?  Bad?  Upsetting?  Don't hold back.

Annika: Ummm, BAD!  

Me: Bad?  Why is it bad?  Is it upsetting?  Why is it bad? 

Annika: Because it's upsetting.  

Me: It's upsetting.  What's upsetting about it? 

Annika: of the kids. 

Me: What are the kids doing? 

Annika: They are running over her. 

Me: Who's that? 

Annika: I don't know. 

Me: You don't know who that is?  The kids are running over this lady.  

Annika: Yeah. 

Me: Do you think maybe it's their mommy?  

Annika: Yeah. 

Marianne: Do you think you can make better clay people than this?  

Mayzie (in the background): I want some juice.  I want some juice. I want some juice.  

Annika: Yeah. 

Me: You do? 

Annika: Yeah. 

Marianne: What would you add?  

Annika: Ahhh, maybe some doughnuts. 

Me: Ok, yeah, good job, good call.  

Marianne: If you had to pick between this book and one about vegetables, what are you going with?  Explain.

Annika: Ahhhh, Dora!  

Me: Dora?  Between this book and a book about vegetables you pick Dora?  

Annika: Yeah. 

Me: Ok. Why? 

Annika: Because. 

Me: Because you like Dora?  

Mayzie (in the background): Mommy mommy I want some juice!!  (Starting to have a total juice meltdown!)  

Marianne: What would it cost me to have you tell people to go "Like" the book on Facebook (Epic Mom Book--CLICK IT).  A puppy?  Candy?  Email me your demands.  

Annika: Oooo, CANDY!  A PUPPY A PUPPY!! 

Me: Candy and a puppy.  What kind of puppy?  

Mayzie: I want some juice!!! 

Annika: I don't know.  

Me: You don't know...ok.  

Go buy Marianne & Julie's book: Epic Mom and like the book on Facebook.  You'll laugh yourself silly and feel better about your parenting.  

P.S. It seems like Mayzie wants to get in on the action.  Perhaps she should get her own feature too.  Suggestions?  


  1. Oh my God, I am holding my sides laughing. I LOVE Annika (and we are soul sisters over the whole doughnut thing).

    Thanks to both of you (or actually, all three of you) for the great laugh & plug. May the universe/God/cake-sprites find you soon. And what kind of candy does Annika like? Email me her preferences! I owe that kid BIG!

    1. I'm pretty sure if my children were running over me with a dump truck, donuts would make it all better. Thanks for the great questions. :-)

  2. This was great!

    I want juice and donuts too!

    1. I think this will be the theme of Annika's next birthday party--juice, donuts, & puppies! :-)



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