Friday, December 14, 2012

Birthday Freak: Part 2

 This is part 2 of the story of how the universe decided to test me on my birthday.  You can find part 1 here if you’d like to catch up. 

After my lovely morning freak out, we went home, ate some lunch, and put Mayzie down for her afternoon nap.  I put on a movie for Annika and set about calming myself.  Some days this is a herculean task, but Annika cuddles usually help. 

When Mayzie got up from her nap, I took the girls to Once Upon a Child in search of some clothes for our very quickly growing Annika.  (She’s 4 and ½ years old and wearing size 6 clothing from the girls’ section and about to burst into size 1 in kid’s shoes.)  I found a few things for her while the girls played in the kiddie corral that they have set up inside the store.  (Why doesn’t EVERY store have this?)  I paid for our things and wrestled the kids out to the car.  I buckled Annika into her seat, and started buckling Mayzie in her seat as she started throwing a fit about not wanting to be in the car.  All of the sudden, I hear a thud and the door closes on my legs and whacks me in the butt hard enough to push me in close enough to kiss Mayzie’s face.

I quickly assessed that the car next to ours had started pulling out and had hit my open car door.  I finished buckling the carseat as I saw in my peripheral vision that the car had stopped, and backed out slowly to feel out whether I was hurt or not.  I wasn’t.  I got out, and as my hand found the door to close and started to push, the car abruptly pulled away.  This all happened in the span of about 10 seconds.  I was flabbergasted.  Did that driver seriously just hit me, realize it, stop long enough to contemplate what to do, and then drive away without even checking on me? 

I reacted by laughing and letting out a fierce roar at the sky with my fists raised to the sky.  “RRROOOOOOAAAARRRR!!  IT IS MY BIIIRRTHDAAAY!!!!” 

No, I didn’t get her license plate number.  No, I didn’t call the police.  No, I have no idea if there was actually any damage to my very well dented and scratched 10+ year old car.  Probably not, but that wasn’t the point. I did see a giant yellow cross magnet on the back of her car as she drove away and thought, “That sure wasn’t very Christian of you lady!” 

I got in the car and laughed hysterically. Annika asked if I was ok.  I said yes and we drove to my MIL’s house where I recounted the story to her.  She didn’t think it was very funny.  She was pretty busy cooking us a fabulous birthday dinner of Fajitas and Flan, exactly as we requested.  (She’s pretty awesome like that.)

The results of the birthday challenge: Universe 1-Mama Melch 1
Alternatively you could say that I scored a 50% on the test, which is failing, but I’m choosing to take the more positive outlook this time.  If it is all about attitude, perhaps it is time I change mine. 

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