Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Moving Forward

I don't believe in magic.
These lovely girls do.

I don't believe in Santa and elves, but they do.

I don't believe in many things anymore that I once did, but my children do because we let them keep those innocent adorable grins and lofty hopes as long as we can.

It is a constant struggle for me to want to tell them about the world and the horrible things that might happen to them and to keep their lovely innocence and fearlessness in tact.  I know my friend Jennifer also has the same trouble.     

As every parent in America right now, my heart is breaking for the soon to be unwrapped gifts under the trees of the parents of the kids (and adults) killed in Newtown, CT. The unimaginable heartache of losing a child to senseless violence is something you can never plan or prepare for in your life.

What can we do to ease their pain?
-Nothing really.

But the amazing Roo*, who also lives in Connecticut has a few ideas and plans to help if you feel so compelled.
*Her unofficial superhero name btw.

What can we do to make sure this never happens again?
-I'm not sure, but it will most certainly be a complicated multifaceted approach and not a band-aid solution agreed upon out of fear.

The blame game is fun to play and certainly gains clicks, but real action requires more than pointing fingers. I will not be involved in the shouting match of irrationals.

How has this changed me?
-My first reaction, after sobbing while clinging to my children, was to dream of how we could move back out of the country. It would be so much easier to just be gone. Maybe, Amy will let us move in with them in New Zealand?

-My second reaction was to look for solutions. Surely someone much smarter than me can come up with some.

-Lastly, I put on my anthropological hat and tried to put this all in perspective.
I read too many facts about and accounts of the events of that horrible day.

I found an interesting article in the Washington Post utilizing data to discuss some of the issues.

I found all of the same articles that everyone seems to be posting on the book of face in the last few days about whichever issue they seem to think is the most important one in this panacea of collective cultural cluster whuckary we have going on right now. I won't link to them, because I think they are distractions. I do think that we need to think through any any all actions we might take, legislative or otherwise.
I think I most especially appreciated this blog post from my colleague Daniel Lende over at the Neuroanthropology blog. (I'm not sure I can call him my colleague since he's a REAL professor, but I've met him a few times, so I'm going with it.) He critiques several of the arguments and articles already circulating, and I mostly agree with what is there.

As always, I also really appreciated the Mom-In-A-Million's discussion of her reactions and how she plans to move 

Moving forward isn't easy and moving away isn't really an option.  So for now, I'll be content to keep squeezing my kids a little too much, quietly mulling over the issues in search of an intelligent solution, and pushing for change in this place that we call home.  I'll put my nose back to the grindstone of my dissertation and carry on in my own peaceful way.  I've always preferred to lead by example anyway.  

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  1. What beautiful girls. You lead by example every day.

    But if you land a spot in New Zealand, make some room for the Walsh family.



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